Monday, October 6, 2008

wonderful weekend.....

Oh my! I don't have much time...gotta make this quick! The past few days have been really good. Where do I begin. Let's see.... I will just hit the highlights!!!!

Friday.... we had our Chinese and TV night. Had lots of fun! It was nice just to hang out here at home.


*Got up at 6:30 am and headed out to the monthly Bible study. Thanks to the ladies that showed up. God will honor your sacrifice of sleep. LOL! It was good. I look forward to next months.

* Eli had a soccer game. My little guys becoming a great goalie. We played a very good team and tied 2-2! GO VIPERS!

* Came home and went to lunch w/ Tommy. We went to Midtown Deli. Yummy!!!!! After lunch we ran by the mall. That was nice.

* I came home and got ready for my BIG night. I met Brandi at Blue Fire. We had yummy sushi and martini's(yes, i said martini so "religious" peeps don't get all out of sorts, I still love Jesus and he still loves me) and then we were off to the Michael Buble concert. It was awesome. We had really good seats. Naturally 7 opened and I LOVED them too. They are amazing! youtube them to check them out!


* My poor Bleeze has had a rash around his mouth since Friday. I kept him home from church to be safe. Eli and Tommy went to church and they really enjoyed going together. Eli went to service with Tommy and loved going in "big" church.

* We had a great lunch at my parents. LOVED THE CHOCOLATE BROWNIE!!!

* Drove to Gaffney to the outlets and boy was it fun for me. Got lots of good deals!!!!

* Ate dinner out and then settled in for some TV


Still worried about this rash. They are treating it as to find out what he is allergic too. We are thinking chicken. NOT GOOD! The child lives off of chicken.

Went to Target and GNC

Cooked Mexican pizza for dinner. IT WAS YUMMY!

Cleaned house ALL day. Put out my fall looks good. I burnt all my pumpkin candles last night. It was so cozy. Was able to watch my new favorite TV show last night. LIFE! I love this show. If you haven't watched it, check it out. It is moving to Friday nights !

Today has been good. I had lunch with my mother in law and ran by Target again to change Halloween costumes for Eli. WRONG SIZE FOR THE 3rd TIME!!! ARRGGGGHHHHH! I am very frustrated this afternoon because the rash was almost gone off of Bleeze about 2 hours after we had lunch Bleeze is covered again. UGGHHH!!!!!!!!! (He had chicken!!! YIKES) Now I have to run... Eli is at tennis and we have date night with the boys. Love to you all!!!!!

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