Friday, October 24, 2008

FRIDAY...such a dreary friday

Today has been such a dreary day. It has rained all day long. It is a good thing though. We need the rain. I have had a good day though. This afternoon, Eli went and spent some time with Tommy so Bleeze and I hung out here at home. We made brownie cupcakes. They are yummy! I got new tires on my van today. I have tried to keep Bleeze in. He has a nasty cough and now I am sneezing...uggghh. We went on family date night too. We went to El Mariachi for some yummy Mexican food and then we went to Khols. Tommy needed some long sleeve shirts. So our date night was not really exciting but we were together and had fun. It was just fun to be together. I am thinking that Eli's soccer game may get rained out tomorrow. If the rain stops I think we may try to go to Boo in the Zoo. So for now.. I am off to show my gratitude for today and go to bed.

* Making brownies with my sweet Bleeze.

* New tires on my van.

* Bleeze nap this afternoon gave me some much needed quiet time.

* Family date... just being with them..I am so grateful for how awesome my family is.

*Mexican food and Margaritas

* Our sweet surprise. Tommy stopped at a gas station while we were out tonight. He came out with each of us our favorite thing.... Bleeze- Skittles, Eli-Starburst, Him- Fruit Mentos- and me- carmel cremes. Such a "sweet surprise" from my sweetie. Of course the boys loved it.

* My new sweater I got tonight at Khol's.

* Laughs with my sweet Bleeze on the bed tonight until he laughed so hard he got the hiccups.

*The big hug and kiss Eli just gave me!

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