Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Rain, Movies and Politics

It is rainy and cool outside today. I welcome the fall weather though and the rain. Lord knows we need rain really bad. I am feeling a little relieved this morning. I was so fearful that Bleeze was allergic to chicken but now Eli has bumps in his mouth so maybe it is a virus. Whewww.... I know it sounds bad because I don't want Eli to have it too but if Bleeze were allergic to chicken I would be in BIG trouble. He may even starve to death. LOL! Whatever it is though is strange!

Last night was date night with the boys. My turn with Bleeze and Tommy's night with Eli. We both showed up at the movies with them. LOL!!!!!! So we had a family date night instead. I felt so bad! I did not get them dinner because we were running late and I thought they can get something at the theater (we may have to take out 2nd mortgage on our house to buy food at the movies but it was the only option lol) we get to the movies and all they had was popcorn!!!! They were our of hot dogs, pizza, and nachos. WHAT????????????? So we ate LOTS of popcorn ( Candy it so reminded me of you guys). When we got home they had turkey sandwiches at 9pm which was late for them. They kept saying they were lucky. LOL!!! So we saw the movie Beverly Hills Chihuahua. Both boys loved it. Bleeze kept laughing one of those belly laughs that would make him loose his breath. SO PRECIOUS!!!

I said I wasn't going to do this but I think I must. I said I was not going to talk politics but I here it goes.... so last night I spent an hour writing a blog about politics. I decided that I did not like it so I deleted it. I am going to sum it up now. My fellow republicans. You have got to get behind our guy. If you don't agree with everything he says. You still have to get behind him. We have to be united within our party!!!! To my friends who are democrats. I am sorry I cannot and will not support anyone who is pro-choice. That is my number one policy that I look at when I am choosing a candidate. I can not vote for someone who does not believe that life begins at conception and is important. I cannot vote for someone who has socialistic views. Who wants the government to control everything. I am not for universal health care (and I do not have health insurance currently)I have had the privilege in my life time to have a circle of friends from other countries with universal health care. I have seen the way that it has been in there countries and I do not want it that way here. Do you honestly think that Obama can implement these programs without raising taxes?????? I believe that I have the right to tote my gun and the government should not have a say in it. I know lots of people do not agree however, bad people who want to do bad things with guns, will find a gun and use it no matter what the government says anyway!!! I feel that many Americans have become lazy. They do not want to work for anything. They want EVERYTHING handed to them and they are headed towards a socialist government. It is not the government's responsibility to keep our families up. It is not the governments place to do everything for us. We are not freakin communist. We are AMERICANS!!!! We built this country on freedoms and rights that we are straying farther and farther from everyday. As far as the war in Iraq. Yes, I want those boys to come home! We have to do with some sense though. Immediate or time told withdrawal is CRAZY! Let's just let everyone know when we are leaving so that they can be ready to take over. I am all for diplomacy but sometimes you just have to kick some butt in order to take care of business. Some of you may say, "Oh she is just a stupid redneck from the Carolina's" Think what you will. I just want to make sure that our country stays on the right path. Yes, I do agree that we need change. As proud as of republican as I am, I think it is time for George Bush to go. I have been very supportive of him. I would hate to be the president of the United States. It would be horrible. We all have our opinions as to how we would handle certain situations but until we were actually put into that position we really have no idea how we would handle it! However, this "change" everyone is talking about is not the change we are looking for. Yes, it may all sound so sweet and good. But have you ever looked at a wonderful piece of chocolate cake... it looked good, smelled good, and even tasted good. You ate it and then an hour or two later you felt kinda sick, your belly hurt, you felt a tremendous amount of guilt, you even gained some pounds. That is how I feel about Obama. He may look and sound good. But if he becomes president, there will be a lot of people who may say, "What have I done?, Why did I vote that way?" He is going to leave a bad taste in your mouth!!!! He's a wolf in sheeps clothing. (that is my personal opinion) Now some of you may get angry with me and that is okay. That is what our country is about that freedom! I want our country to stay that way!!!!

So my fellow republicans, do you have your bumper stickers out? Do you have your yard signs up? Let's get to supporting our candidate! JOHN MCCAIN!!!!!!!


Brandi said...

YAY!!!!!!!!!!! I love this blog!!! If people do not get angry with celebs voicing their opinion....they shouldn't be angry with you!! GO REPUBS!!!!

Dorothy said...

hey allison, i linked to your blog from brandi's, and i think it is great!!!! love that you are not afraid to share your opinions!!! ps, your boys are tooo cute!!

Candystn30 said...