Thursday, October 9, 2008

prayer request

This is a family that my Dad used to pastor. Please remember them in your prayers. He is not even one year old yet! Thanks...
PLEASE pray for Landin he has been diagnoised with LCH Langerhans Cell > Histiocytosis. It is a disease of the white blood cells, called histiocytes > they play an important roll in the immune system. Landins histiocytes are > gathering in groups and attaching themselves to other parts of the body. We > are going to see an Oconologist and Hemotologist tomorrow, to see about the > extent of his condition. I know God can heal him, he has showed himself to > us on several occasions and this one is no different.

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Dog Lover said...

Tell Landin's family to be very aggressive, proactive and assertive in getting medical help. Most doctors have either never seen a case or have only seen a few cases. They need to be talking to doctors who actually have experience in treating the disease. This is a terrible disease, and he needs the best help. I hope the parents have contacted the Histiocytosis Association of America,
They can give names of doctors for referral. Set up a google news alert for Langerhans. Visit your public library and search the medical databases for articles - obtain articles not available at the library via interlibrary loan.
Be prepared to travel to a large medical city/medical center to get the expert help. Time is of the essence. My son's case was as an adult, which is even more rare than in children and it took 20 doctors and 6 months to get the correct treatment started for him.
Good luck and keep the prayers going.