Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sweet Life Lessons and some gratitude...

This morning started bright and early again this morning. Eli had drama camp again today. He is so excited about his play this weekend. He has the part of George. LOL! He is a little boys spending the day on a farm. It is really cute. I had to run errands for Tommy this morning in Spartanburg and then Bleeze and I met the Ward girls again today at Mimi's Japanese restaurant. It was so yummy. Bleeze and Anna were so precious. They love each other lots! I have some pics I will post later. Then I had to pick Eli up from camp. I spent the afternoon doing laundry and homeschooling. This evening I went to the new Walmart on Pelham. I LOVE IT!! It is smaller in size and so clean.. and everything is "green"! We had dinner at S&S tonight. The boys love go there and they eat plus it gets veggies in them. I just love that it is cheap. Eli had soccer tonight. When I went to pick him up we arrived early and so Bleeze moved up to the front seat with me. He had me laughing so hard. He is hilarious. Speaking of 's a story for you.

I have been telling the boys to not say the word "hate". So today I was in horrible traffic ( for the locals...WOODRUFF RD) I said, "UGGGHHHH, I HATE TRAFFIC" Bleeze says..."oooooo mommy, that's a bad word" I said, "oh, yes, that's right, I am so sorry" He said, " you love traffic mommy. We don't hate... we love." LOL!!! Oh I thought I would die! I said, "oh yes!" He said, "say it mommy, say it" so I had to say, "I love traffic" Oh my goodness! He is so hilarious! I guess I learned my lesson for today.......

Now to show some gratitude...

* I am so grateful for Japanese food with our awesome friends! Brandi your friendship brings me just as much joy as Anna brings to Bleeze!

* For awesome new Walmart on Pelham!

* Yummy cheap food from S&S!

* Fun times with Bleeze!

* life's lessons taught to me by my sweet kiddos!!!

* My sweet hubby that just made me laugh!

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