Sunday, October 12, 2008

Home from a nice weekend, home to a mess...

We had a great weekend. Very relaxing. Tommy and I sat out by the fire until midnight just talking and taking everything in. It was so nice. We got packed up this morning and headed home. The ride home was beautiful. I thank God for the wonderful time we had together.

One thing about going camping is you have a lot to clean up when you get home. I always have a lot of laundry because EVERYTHING has to be washed because of the smoke smell. I expected to have that. However, today there is a lot of cleaning to do. We had our stairs sanded and refinished while we were gone. My downstairs is a one huge dust ball. It is horrible. I got the third load of laundry going with about 5 more to go and I am having to clean like crazy. I hope the upstairs is not too bad. We closed all the rooms off but it is probably still dusty. We can't go upstairs because the stairs are still wet.UGGGHH!!! They said maybe by tonight around 9pm. We will see. Otherwise we will be staying with my parents. Tommy has gone deer hunting. The boys and I went to my parents to visit and I ate some of their left over lunch. YUMMY!!!! Now I am just taking a break from the cleaning. I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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