Friday, February 27, 2009

Holy Cow... it has been 10 days...

I can't believe that it has been 10 days since my last blog. I guess that makes it very clear of how busy I have been. Between our new business, the boys, and just life in general, I have been swamped. We are all doing well. Tommy is staying busy and that is a blessing. The boys are good. Eli is staying busy with homeschool and soccer. Bleeze is just Bleeze. He has turned into the funniest kid around. He keeps us laughing. He had a little bit of a cold last week, but THANK GOD. He is better now. We have been praying off all the sickness that has been going around.

Speaking of the business. God has really blessed us and it has taken off! We did decide to change the name however. Our main focus when we started the business was the event planning, however, God had a different plan. The cake business has really taken off and we are thrilled. Brandi and I both love doing the cakes and it has become our main focus. Therefore Chic Affair is now known as Sophisticakes AND MORE! We still are doing events with style as well as the cakes. So call us for your next event! We are really excited about our new name and the future. I think God is up to something big! I am just happy that he has chosen Brandi and myself to be instruments that he can use!

Just a few funnies to share....
Bleeze has such an imagination. He says so many funny things I could write a book off of them. I thought I would share a few things from the past few days.

* Yesterday, we were in Walmart. He said he wanted us to pretend that we were "SUPER HERO SECRET AGENTS" Okay, whatever. Sounds cool to me. So he said, "I am little brother boy, Eli is big brother boy, and Mommy, you are BIG MAMA GIRL" OH my gosh...BIG MAMA! I thought I would laugh my head off. A lady standing near by overheard him and she was laughing hysterically. She looks at me and says, "YOU GO BIG MAMA." Holy COW! So we are going through Walmart where Bleeze proceeds to shoot bombs out of his hands and freeze people. He also was flying. It was so funny. I lost my breath laughing at him. Eli is getting so big, and he looks at me and says, "does he know how ridiculous he looks" So then, I get tickled at Eli. It was a very fun trip to Walmart for a change.

* So then this morning, he says he wants to call Tommy to tell him he loves him. So I dial Tommy's number and his voicemail comes on. Bleeze looks at me and says, "OH my gosh, it is his voice mail, I have been dying to leave him a voice mail. How do you do it?" I talked him through it. It was so funny!

* Yesterday I suffered the loss of one of my best friends. My Hamilton Beech Coffee Brewer. For those of you who know me, you know how much I loved that thing. I purchased a normal, cheap coffee pot yesterday at Walmart until I can find a replacement for my precious Coffee Brew Station. LOL! So this morning I turned on the normal coffee pot and Bleeze stood there in amazement. I wondered why I spent money on Disney World and the circus. He was hilarious! He thought the coffee going into the pot was the coolest thing ever. I guess he has never seen such. LOL!!! He turns and looks at me and says, "THAT COFFEE POT IS AMAZING!!!!!"

* Bleeze is also into spelling right now. He can't spell but he is so trying.He will just spit out a bunch of letters and say, "What does that spell?" It is so funny. So yesterday at Walmart (walmart was an eventful place yesterday) He got a box of Tic Tac's. He tries to spell it so I told him how to spell it the correct way. He would say.."T-I-C-T-I-C-T-A-tica-tica-tica". The cashier was laughing her head off. So she looks at him and says "You will learn to spell one day sweet girl" OMG!!!!! He looks up at her and puts his eyebrows down and says, "I can spell, and I am not a girl" I thought I would die! She said, "OH, I AM SORRY" He said, "Oh, it's okay" At least he told her that. I mean really, how many girls do you know that wear jeans, plaid shirts, and black and red cars light up tennis shoes. His clothes totally looked like a boy! It never ceases to amaze me how many people call him a girl. I don't care though. I am not cutting the hair!

Okay, so that is my funnies for Bleeze. I do have one for Eli though. He has become a comedian lately. He actually tries to act out stand up. He cracks me up, so this morning he comes to me with a basket on his head that we just received from a customer that was hand woven in Bangladesh. He looks at me and speaks in an Asian accent and says, "Hello, I am a Chinese slave, I have been working for days digging underground tunnels for the soldiers to pass through." He did not bat an eye, crack a smile, nothing, he said as if though he really was a Chinese slave. I looked at him and busted out laughing. He had that basket on his head with Christmas PJ's on. I thought I would die. My kids crack me up and I am so blessed to have them!

I am going to try to keep up with the blogging. I think I have us in a routine now. So for now, I am off to finish homeschooling and do some work for Sophisticakes and more. I hope everyone's weekend ROCKS!

Monday, February 16, 2009

How Sweet it is...

Oh, my, How sweet life is right now. God is truly awesome. He has really blessed us! We have been so busy. Valentines was the huge kick off for chic affair. We were swamped with orders. BIG THANKS to all those who made it so successful. God is up to big, I just sense it! Big things are on the way!

Let's see. I spent most of my week homeschooling, baking, decorating, and delivering sweet treats last week. I was awake for almost 48 hours straight. It was way worth it though.

The family is all good. The boys have been great! I hate to report that I don't have a lot to report other than homeschool, baking, decorating and delivering for last week. LOL! That was basically all we did. Saturday, on Valentines, we woke up and gave the boys there Valentine gifts. They loved their singing puppy puppets, chocolates and cards. Bleeze was precious. He loves to get cards (just like me) He sat there so proud. He looked at the front of the envelope. It just said "Bleeze" on the front. However, he pretended to read it and said, "From Allison and Tommy to Bleeze, Happy Valentines Day" SO SWEET!!! The boys gave us there Valentines. My sweet hubby, being the sweet hubby he is surprised me with the perfume I had wanted from Estee Lauder "Sensuous" smells so good. He gave me the sweetest card ever! I just love them three dudes! LOL!

Tommy and I did not get a date night for Valentines. UGGHHH! We did get a family date night on Friday night. That was fun. The boys were so funny eating our all time favorite Mexican food! They had us laughing the entire time. Saturday, Eli's team won their first soccer game of the season! Woohoo!

So today, I think I have us straightened out and on track to getting our schedule back on track. We have a lot of busy days ahead of us and I think it is only going to get more hectic as we go. But we can't complain. It is God's blessings.

So for now, that it is it. This week is packed full too. We have company coming tomorrow evening and Thursday. Soccer practices, cakes and cupcakes, a Golden Girl reunion, the movie Madea goes to Jail comes out (woo hoo), birthday parties and so much more! Hope everyone is well and has a great week!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Busy, Busy Beaver

Busy, Busy beaver is what you can now call me. I have been swamped the past few weeks. My blogging has lacked a great deal. SORRY! We worked on cakes for the past few weeks for Chic Affair. We were at the consignment sale Switcharoos as a trade vendor. We received many orders and we also were able to get our name out there. Big thanks to Mary, Tony & Tammy, and my parents for helping with the boys during Switcharoos. (Especially Mary, she managed to stay one night and let Tommy and I get a very short date night in) We went to dinner at Flat Rock and then saw the movie TAKEN (very good) in about 3 hours. It was nice. THANKS!

Let's see, for an update on everyone...
Tommy-he is busy. THANK GOD! His business had been somewhat slow but it as long as we can keep it steady I am grateful. Just believing God to continue to bless his business. He has never left or forsaken us as far as the business goes. He is still working out and I must say he is looking good.
Eli-homeschooling his days away, playing, he has been creating paper people for some reason. They are almost human size. They are really cute. He has hung them from his curtains in his room. 2 boys and 3 girls. He is more than thrilled that soccer season has started back. We have his first game this Saturday. YAY! GO VIPERS!!!!
Bleeze- He has been playing and just being Bleeze. He is so precious. He informed me tonight that I was the "prettiest mommy in the entire neighborhood and world" awww...
My mom- no more news. Still praying that they do not have to remove her eye. She goes back to the doctor on Friday. Continue to remember her in your prayers.

So, for now, I am off, just thought I would give a quick update. (let everyone know I am still alive) We have a ton of Valentine orders to complete. SO EXCITED! We are getting orders EVERYDAY! God is just pouring out his love and favor all over Chic Affair. THANKS GOD YOU ROCK! Also big thanks to Cindy for allowing us to convert her basement into our bakery! AMAZING!
I must get my beauty sleep. GOT hundreds of cupcakes to make tomorrow! Hope everyone is well. Catch you all later...Oh you can join chic afffair's blog at

Friday, February 6, 2009

I am alive

Just wanted to let everyone that I am alive. LOL! I have been extremely busy. We are doing the Switcharoo's sale here in Greenville. We are one of the locals. We have many cute cakes on display and we have done really great at setting appointments and getting orders. All I can say is that it is God's favor!
The boys are great and when I have a chance to breath Sunday evening or Monday morning I will try to post some about our crazy life right now and catch everyone up to speed. This weekend is going to be crazy but great and next week we will be busy filling Valentine orders. If you haven't ordered your sweetie something, you should check out or website or facebook group and order your sweetheart a sweet treat! Hope everyone is great!

I have so much to be grateful for today and I am pressed for time to make a list but most of all I am grateful tonight for God (his love and mercy that is new everyday), my sweet, sweet husband, my awesome amazing boys, Brandi and our "sweet" business..LOL, God's favor on Switcharoos, Tammy and Tony for keeping my boys today, and my parents tomorrow!

Also, please continue to pray for my mom. Today she was told that they are going to watch her eye a little longer in hopes that the entire eye will not have to be removed. They feel that it is "dead" and will begin to shrink. Please pray that this does not happen. My mom is believing God for her healing and I trust him to do just what he promises!