Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New's Years Early Fun...

The past couple of days I have just spent some time hanging with my boys. We have played with their toys they got for Christmas and just been plain lazy. It has been fun. Today we did venture out though. We went to the mall with our best buddies. The boys had fun with the Stone kids and as always I had fun with Candy. We were trying to find me a dress to wear on New Years. We must have been crazy to take 5 children to the mall and try to dress shop. We did find some deals and had a blast in the process. The kids just love being together. They had fun spending their Christmas gift cards, etc. I wish everyday could be this fun.

Then tonight we had a New Year's/Birthday party celeberation with our dear friend's the Clisham's. It was a pleasure to meet Karen's mom (mum) all the way from England and help celebrate her birthday. I always have so much fun with them. Tons of laughs. Tonight was filled with great food, drinks, and fun! The kids loved the fireworks Mr. Lloyd bought (I did too) we are lucky to have such sweet friends across the street!

Excited about ringning in the New Year tomorrow night with the Stone's!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Snow Day...

Well...we got our Christmas Snow. Today has been all about playing in the snow. The boys played all morning in the snow and then we went to see Guilver's Travel's at the movies. Such a funny movie. I LOVE Jack Black. After the movie we came back home to enjoy some movie time in our theater room and ordered pizza. Perfect day after Christmas!!!!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas....

We had a very Merry Christmas today! We are so blessed. We have managed to make our own traditions over the years. For example....we go NO where on Christmas Day, we stay in PJ's all day, play, sleep, eat, and order Chinese for dinner. So much fun!

The boys loved having my parents as well as Tommy's mom and sister here to open Santa. They loved everything that they received and were so sweet about it all. My mom brought the annual Sausage roll for breakfast and we also snacked on Christmas goodies all afternoon. So much fun!

Tommy's Dad and wife came by to bring the kids their gifts this afternoon. It was nice to see them on Christmas Day as well as to see the snow that started falling while they were vistiing. It is beautiful!

The kids played with different neighborhood kids all day (in pj's) we sang Happy Birthday to Jesus and last but not least enjoyed a yummy Chinese carry out as usual. Happy Birthday Jesus and Merry Christmas everybody!!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

Today was wonderful. We always have Christmas with my family on Christmas Eve. We enjoyed opening presents together. The kids were so patient waiting on Tommy to get back from checking on a job. After opening all the presents we enjoyed a yummy dinner as always from my parents. I even took a picture of my plate. It was so good. I love my family and so happy to have this time with them every year.

We also opened our gifts from one another. So much fun. My boys are so sweet. I love everything the boys and Tommy purchased for me. They are all three precious!

Tonight we made Jesus birthday cake for tomorrow, Santa's cookies and we spread reindeer food. It was fun night. Nanny Mary and Aunt Tracy are spending the night with us tonight and as always it is fun to have them all here with us. So for now. Enjoy the pics. I gotta get to bed so Santa will come (wink, wink).

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Fun day and night...

So today has been tons of fun. I went with my brother and sisterinlaw shopping. We had so much fun just laughing and hanging out. We enjoyed a very yummy Mexican lunch and just had a blast. I feel very lucky to have them near us now!

Tonight we had Christmas with our wonderful friends the Stone's. I told Tommy I felt like I was getting ready for my sister and her family to come over. LOL! We enjoyed food, fun, and movies. It was so warm and cozy! I love them and so grateful to have them in my life! We were crazy though and did not event take in pics. This will have to be one of those times the memories have to stick in our minds forever. LOL!

The picture in this blog is of Jessica today. We went to Kmart. I am assuming because their stock is getting low they lined the shelves with rubber-maid totes. It is hilarious to see!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Well...feeling better....

Well, I was sick the past couple of days. Turns out I had a double ear and sinus infection. There is nothing worse than running at temperature...well...actually there is a lot worse but still. I hate being cold and I have had chills for three days. I was sad that I did not make the small group Christmas gathering or was I able to go and carol at the nursing home. I did not want to risk caring any sort of cold germs to anyone. But thank the Lord, I am feeling much better and ready for Christmas. Eric, Jessica, and Makenzie are coming in today, and I am looking forward to having Christmas with our dear friends the Stone's tomorrow night. So for now... I am off to make some Christmas goodies. Oh... and they are calling for a white Christmas.. (I will believe it when I see it).

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Family Fun in Charlotte

Well, tonight we went to Charlotte to be with my brother and his family for his dinner show. He did a wonderful job on the production and I have never been more proud. The food was excellent (catered by my Dad and the music was wonderful) We had fun and it was so nice to be with my family. Especially Eric, Jessica, and Makenzie and baby Tanner that is on the way for the first time during the holiday season.They have always lived so far away. I kinda feel like I am coming down with something. Praying that I am not though. Gotta get some and more family fun tomorrow.


It's official....I ran a temperature all night long, my ear is killing me, I am coughing, and I just feel horrid. No church for me today. Big thank you to my sweet Eli who took care of me in the night by getting me medicine and extra blankets. Such a sweet boy. I did manage to work up the strength to go to Tommy's family gathering for Christmas. It was nice to be with my Mother-in-law's family. They always make me smile. They are so funny! The boys went home with Nanny Mary and Tommy and I went to a few more stores for the boys. I continued to feel like crap but did manage to feel better when my sweet man took me to yogurt mountain. So for now.. I am going to bed an planning on visiting the doctor in the morning!