Friday, December 10, 2010


Thank God today is Friday! Eli is so excited about his birthday party this weekend. This evening Eli went to his fusion Chrismtas party at church. He had so much fun! While he was at his party Tommy and I took advantage of the alone time with Bleeze and ordered Chinese (He loves that) we sat around and ate our food and laughed where Bleeze informed us that he felt like he would be "responsible" when he turns 6 years old. (That is good to know) Tommy got the furniture for the theater room and then this evening after Bleeze went to bed Tommy and Eli watched a movie then we surprised him with him with a new outfit he had been wanting to wear to his bday party tomorrow. Me? I have spent the evening finishing up his birthday cake and cleaning house for our guest in the morning! Can't wait to celebrate my big boy! nightie night!

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