Thursday, December 9, 2010

Disney and the Peddler....

Today was a great day!I managed to get a ton accomplished from homeschool, business, etc. However the best part was this afternoon. My parents took Bleeze and my niece Makenzie to see Disney Princess on Ice. So Tommy and I took advantage of the opportunity to go out with Eli just us three. We had a very yummy dinner at the Peddler. I have to admit that it was very strange without Bleeze but at the same time it was fun to watch Eli just eat and talk and see what an amazing kid he truly is. He is so funny! He thought it was awesome that we let him order an adult meal and he got a big HUGE ribeye steak and he ate almost all of it. LOL!

After dinner we took him to purchase all the items for his birthday party on Saturday. He chose everything blue of course being that has been his favorite color since he was born! He also chose his brother a Christmas gift and I think what was the sweetest thing was he said he was ready to go pick him up because he missed hium. How precious is that! So what a fun evening. Getting excited about the weekend and all that we will be doing.

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