Monday, March 29, 2010

oops...I let a week go by!

Oh my... little slack this week at the blogging! LOL! We had a great week. The boys both started soccer and love it! Bleeze is so cute! Seems like yesterday Eli was just starting soccer! We had fun going to the mall with my Mom and Saturday, church was amazing as usual yesterday, and the boys enjoyed the circus last night with their Dad. I was sad that I did not get to go with them but duty called at the LOOM.

We had a busy week at the LOOM. From appointments to taxes. We were swamped! CRAZY! Then this past weekend we hosted Shannon Forest High School Reunion and a really sweet wedding!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wild but Wonderful

The past week has been wild but wonderful. We have been be busy hosting Grace Church at the LOOM for their Children's Ministry Appreciation Dinner. We also had a beautiful wedding reception on Saturday and appointments all week.

The boys are doing great! Loving the somewhat warmer weather to play outside. Hope everyone has a great week ahead!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

And Yet another adventure

It seems as if though Brandi and I are constantly getting ourselves into one adventure or another. Today we traveled with our on in house catering staff to the big town of Iva..LOL! We went to an old mill and checked out some fabric that they sell at a discount. It was an experience to say the least. We had a ton of fun and a lot of laughs too! Not to mention a yummy lunch at Cracker Barrel on the way home! Now for some gratitude....

* My Dad for watching the boys

* Sweet Tea

* Fun times while working

* Cracker Barrel

Monday, March 15, 2010

Marvelous Monday!

Well, I can't complain today! We had a good weekend. One peaceful weekend before a lot of chaos starts at re the LOOM. We are booked like crazy. Yesterday we went to church where Bill White did an excellent job teaching yesterday! I LOVED the message on the Ten Commandments! We enjoyed our usual Bojangles breakfast and then a trip to the mall. I watched the Michael Buble concert from Madison Square Garden. I was just imagining I was there. LOL! Then Bleeze and I took a little trip to the grocery store!

Today has been good. My sweet Eli got his braces! He looks adorable. It looks like he has a good long road ahead of him in the brace face world. I love the fact that he is seeing my orthodontist too. It was too has been 20 years since I saw him...(UGH telling my age, and boy, I'm getting old) However, he hasn't changed a bit!

We spent the afternoon homeschooling where I learned some things in history that I did not know. LOL!

Tonight, I cooked some dinner and enjoyed a windy walk with my hubby while the boys went to watch a movie at my parents.

So for now... here is some grateful heart and I am off to dream land. This time change is killer!

1. Grateful for such a powerful message at church on Sunday! Really got my thinking cap going.

2. Bojangle Breakfast on Sunday with my little family.

3. Grocery Store trips with Bleeze. He cracks me up!

4. My metal mouth Eli!

5. Walks with Tommy! I love them!

Saturday, March 13, 2010


So glad that it is the weekend. We had a VERY busy week this week. I did joy a dinner Thursday evening with my sweetheart at The Peddler. It was so yummy! We also made a little trip to Target to visit the Easter Bunny (wink, wink) can't wait for that! Yesterday I was swamped for most of the day but managed to enjoy a fun night out with the kiddos to On the order and a Friday night run to Walmart. Today, I managed to straighten the house, hang out with my kiddos and enjoyed dinner with Friends tonight at American Pie Factory. I love the wings there! So good. Had a nice time with Tim and Kim and their kiddos too! We also made another Walmart run! LOL! So I have had a semi-relaxing weekend. Going to bed early tonight. We loose an hours sleep to night and we attend early service at our church so we will have to be up SUPER early! So for now...going to show some gratitude and hit the sack. Night all!


1. Of course....God...He rocks my world every day.
2. My hubby and kids and fun times out together.
3. That Eli is okay. He fell and hit his head tonight but I think he is fine.
4. Our new RV... I refer to it as the Bagwell Memory Maker. I can only imagine the good times we are going to have with our boys.
5. Time spent this morning play cars with Bleeze. He has such an imagination!
6. My bed... it is so soft and comfy tonight!
7. time to sit and play the piano today....ahhh...
8. Skor Candy bars...yummy
9. Fun times with Bleeze at the store tonight picking up our items to take to church in the morning for the food pantry. He made me laugh so hard. He did not want to buy the things he did not like because he said the other people woudl not like them either. LOL!
10. Sleep... I hope I get some tonight!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Holy Cow.....a month...

I can't believe that it has been over a month since I have blogged. I had been so good about for so long. I think sometimes I think I have done it in my head but I am so busy that I really did not. LOL! Let's see...what's been going on in our family. Gosh....let's see...where do I start....

The boys are great! Bleeze has had some stomach issues and ear infection but other than that.. it has been great. I hate that I haven't blogged a lot lately because I have lots of funny stories to share about this little man. Eli is great....staying busy of course, homeschooling, etc. Both boys start spring soccer next week and they can't wait.

Tommy and I are doing great too. Both of our businesses are going well. We are staying busy and that is awesome. The LOOM is rocking! God is blessing the business like crazy. We participated in another Wedding Festival and held another Bridal Open house last night. It was a great success. We are so grateful to have such great people to make up our LOOM team.

We went on vacation last week. First to Orlando for a day at Disney and then on down to the keys for a week of fun. It was a week of camping and the weather was not great but it was nice to be away. Tommy's mom Mary joined us and we had an adventure. I loved Duval Street. It was fun to go to the Market too!

Well, that is some brief catching up and I will try to maintain my blog from here on out. Someone asked me just this week where my blogs had gone. Just been busy...going to close with some gratitude as always......

So grateful for....
* God- He never ceases to amaze me with his great love for me.

* My Life- God is Good

* My sweet husband!

* My precious, precious boys! They are amazing!

* All my friends and family! You all know who you are! I love you all!