Saturday, March 13, 2010


So glad that it is the weekend. We had a VERY busy week this week. I did joy a dinner Thursday evening with my sweetheart at The Peddler. It was so yummy! We also made a little trip to Target to visit the Easter Bunny (wink, wink) can't wait for that! Yesterday I was swamped for most of the day but managed to enjoy a fun night out with the kiddos to On the order and a Friday night run to Walmart. Today, I managed to straighten the house, hang out with my kiddos and enjoyed dinner with Friends tonight at American Pie Factory. I love the wings there! So good. Had a nice time with Tim and Kim and their kiddos too! We also made another Walmart run! LOL! So I have had a semi-relaxing weekend. Going to bed early tonight. We loose an hours sleep to night and we attend early service at our church so we will have to be up SUPER early! So for now...going to show some gratitude and hit the sack. Night all!


1. Of course....God...He rocks my world every day.
2. My hubby and kids and fun times out together.
3. That Eli is okay. He fell and hit his head tonight but I think he is fine.
4. Our new RV... I refer to it as the Bagwell Memory Maker. I can only imagine the good times we are going to have with our boys.
5. Time spent this morning play cars with Bleeze. He has such an imagination!
6. My bed... it is so soft and comfy tonight!
7. time to sit and play the piano today....ahhh...
8. Skor Candy bars...yummy
9. Fun times with Bleeze at the store tonight picking up our items to take to church in the morning for the food pantry. He made me laugh so hard. He did not want to buy the things he did not like because he said the other people woudl not like them either. LOL!
10. Sleep... I hope I get some tonight!


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