Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Big, Large Swee Tea.....our salvation during the renovations!
Bleeze in his cute "LINUS" shirt! He just adores Charlie Brown!

(we had our vendor meet and greet on Sunday!

Eli put Anna's hair bow in Bleeze hair...hehehe...He is very pretty. (note: his shirt says PRINCE charming) LOL!!!

Ava Hanging out at the LOOM....(she is such a doll)

Oh my! We are staying swamped. We are down to the wire with the renovations at the LOOM. We only have a few weeks until the grand opening. Things are really coming together and there is an excitement in the air. I can't wait!!! We have gotten a ton done this week. Yesterday I used an electric sander to sand some of the columns and I still feel like I am vibrating today. Not to mention my arms are seriously sore. UGGHH!

The kids have been real troopers. So blessed to hav ethe Loft for them to hang out in. They have had fun playing and just chilling out. I think they are as excited as we are! We have been living off of fast food. I made a vow tonight to do better. I have done so well for the past 9 months and I can't afford to blow it all now. It is just so easy to order the bad stuff though! LOL! (Especially when Pammy the Cake Lady is in walking distance of the LOOM and we can get such sweet treats like today) good!

We had a great lunch today from Zamorah's in Simpsonville. It is on Main Street. Everyone needs to go try it out! It was delicious!!! I love their sign, " a meat and three and a free tea!"LOL!

I am waiting on Tommy to get home. He took Eli to see a late night movie. I am literally exhausted but I am still waiting up on them. I know they are having a great time. Not to mention I am getting my laughs in with the Golden Girls.

Going to make some calls in the morning and then it is back to the LOOM for some more work. I hope that all of you can come to the open house on August 15th. It is going ROCK!

Okay, so for now, I don't know that I am going to make it up until Tommy and Eli get home. My eyes are getting heavier by the moment. Hope everyone is well and will check back in later.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Going, going, going

The past few week have been crazy. I have been finding it hard to find the time to blog. We are pressing towards the completion of the renovations on the LOOM and we are so excited. I feel extremely blessed. God has always been so good to me. I am so thankful all he does for me.

Sunday, we had our "meet and greet" for our preferred vendors. While Brandi and I were setting up I looked at her and said, "Do you know how blessed we are?" It is crazy to look back and see how God works in your life. This time last year, Brandi and I were meeting at Starbucks discussing our event planning adventures. Then there was the cakes..... we love our cakes but the event planning was still there! Now our dream as finally come true. Here we are! With our venue that we kept saying we needed for months and then finally gave up on. I think God was just saying "WAIT". He always knows best even when we do not see it!

This morning as I sat here working on leads for the LOOM, I thought about my statement. How "blessed" we are. If there was no LOOM or cottonmillplace or any of the people who have helped this dream come true, Brandi and I are still blessed beyond measure because we have our wonderful Savior. We have that unbelievable relationship with God the Father and Jesus Christ and we see the Holy Spirit working in our lives every second of the day! If we had nothing else this is all that matters! God's salvation, love, grace, and mercy are truly the greatest blessings we will ever receive. I pray that we never loose sight of what God has given us! The true gift...the gift of HIM!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

been a bit....

OK... It has been a bit since my last blog. I had to take a break and try to regain my focus. I can't say that I am back 100% but nevertheless, I am back at doing something. Thanks to all of you who have sent me messages saying you have missed my blog. I am sure that some of you have not. LOL!

Okay, what has been going on in my life? Well, we have been SUPER busy. The loom is just about 3 weeks from our grand opening. We are VERY excited about all the renovations and excitement! Open house is August 15th and we can't wait to share with everyone this beautiful, hip yet very historic venue! It is amazing!!

Last week we had tons of meetings, networking events and so much more. I just sit back and see how God is blessing and it truly blows me away. God is so faithful. He never ceases to amaze me.
Friday night we had dinner with Mary and Jeff at American Pie Factory. It was yummy but I have to admit I think I am still very partial to Bertolo's it is so good. As I type this I wish I had a huge piece of pizza right now. YUMMY!!!

Saturday, Brandi and I went to IKEA in Charlotte. We got some beautiful things for the LOOM
not to mention had a blast in the process. We had a great time. Another adventure down in the books. LOL! Saturday night I took sweet Bleeze to pick out our items for the school supply drive at church. He was simply precious. He had to pick every item on the list. Of course, he wanted to get everything in green because that is his favorite color. What was even more precious was taking the bag to drop it off on Sunday. He was so concerned that the supplies were not going to get to the children who need them. He was so proud! I could just eat him up.

The sermon at church Sunday was simply amazing. Matt hit it out of the park! He talked about pride. Holy Sha-moly! I love going to church, getting what I needed and taking it with me all week long. I have been convicted of things all week. THAT ROCKS!!! I love the saying "let Me humility outshine my pride" AWESOME stuff ! It was baptism week also at Grace. That is always so beautiful to me. I was mess from crying so much by the time I left church.
Sunday afternoon I actually managed to sit down for 1 1/2 hours and watch a move. We watched the movie NEW IN TOWN. So cute! I loved it. Then Tony, Tammy, Lexi and Jordan came over for dinner. We had a good time! My boys started VBS at my parents church. They have enjoyed it this week. Bleeze did cry tonight but he was fine after it was all over with.

Monday night we took the boys to Bible School and then grabbed dinner at Great Bay Oyster Bar in Greer. AWESOME!!! Go try it if you live near here. It is amazing. Tommy headed over to help John at the LOOM , I grabbed the boys and we crashed.

Tuesday, I had lunch with Julie! Thanks girl! I left our lunch feeling like David (I could have ran through a troop and leaped over a wall) All our conversation lifted my spirits like you would not believe. Thanks again! Can't wait for Friday.

I am so thankful for my Dad. He has really been helping me with the boys while we get everything set up for the LOOM! It has been great. I hate is not working right now but it has been a great help to me. I know God is going to send him the perfect job before long.

Today I worked at the LOOM meeting with clients, vendors, and sales peeps. Brandi and I are loving our new loft space. It is going to be huge help to all of us. Check out our website

So there is a catch up on my life. I promise I will get back to writing something other than updates but for those of you who asked for it here it is! LOL!

So for now, I am finally starting to feel sleepy. I have watched Golden Girls (one of my favorites for hours now) LOL! Going to hopefully get some sleep now and I will try to stay caught up.
So for now, I am off to sleepy town. Have a great night peeps!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Trying out mobile blogger

Fun Weekend!

Bleeze and Anna have decided to become Chimney Sweeps...LOL! They had so much fun but got SO DIRTY!

We had a fun weekend! Saturday night we went to church and I was so happy to have my brother and sisterinlaw go with me. Then we went on a double date to Liberty's Tap Room. Good food and good fun! I hated to see them leave to go back to Texas on Sunday morning! Boo hoo! Sunday we did some work around the house, hung out at the pool and then enjoyed good fun, food, and friends over at the Cox! Thanks again! Hope you enjoy our pictures from the weekend. Hope everyone's week is full of awesome!!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Makenzie's' 1st Birthday...

Her Smash Cake became a smash cake....LOL!

We got to celebrate my niece Makenzie's first birthday tonight! She will be one on the 23rd. We had her party tonight before she heads back to Texas on Sunday!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

ready for the weekend...

my new pics in my bathroom
Well today is Thursday, and I am ready for the weekend. Not that it will be any less busy but nevertheless it will be the weekend. Let's see, hum.....what has went on since Monday. Well, we have been very busy as usual. Let see, we have had meeting after meeting, did some cleaning, some shopping made some cakes, hosted supper club at our house and we got new furniture. I am really excited about my bedroom. We have had the same bedroom furniture since we got married. 13 years!! WOAH! It was the furniture Tommy had when he was living at home. I love it because it is the first we picked together. I posted some pics..there are no pictures or anything on the wall yet but I couldn't wait to share! So enjoy the picture of the cute 1st birtday cake I made. I forgot to take a picture of the one earlier in the week! Also my new furniture! hehe!

Today, I had lunch with Brandi at Elegant Gourmet! We went in celebration of her bday. I guess it is our bday/celebration spot! it was wonderful as always. Now I am off to clean! I have to make my neices 1st bday cake for her party tomorrow night and I got to get busy! I know I will have plenty of pics for that!

Monday, July 6, 2009


This day has been cray but I must say pretty good. It was filled with work, cake baking and decorating, meeting with clients, delivering cake, doing some shopping, errands, and dinner with my family and not to mention cleaning...UGGHH! So needless to say.. I am tired! I am going to bed! Hope everyone had a great Monday! Got to be up early in the morning. Got tons of work tomorrow too!

sweet sunday.....

Sundays are always good. I just love to go to worship at Grace. My spirits are always uplifted and today was no different. Church was amazing as always! After church we did some shopping and lunch at S&S cafeteria (they boys LOVE that place). I was so excited that Tommy finished painting our stairs and bathrooms this weekend. They are looking good. We went furniture shopping and also got a new flat screen for our bedroom. I am in love with it! I also love my new bedding for bedroom. It looks awesome!!! Found an awesome picture that described Brandi and I perfect. "Sophisticated Services" we are so going to find somewhere to put this picture. Got a new table for our kitchen nook too!

We had so much fun tonight with Julie! It was so good just to get together and hang out! I have missed her and I loved hanging out. We are going to do again soon!

Tomorrow is the beginning of yet another crazy week....going to crash now! Hope everyone's week is full of awesome!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of JULY!!!

Oh So much fun today! The 4th has been great! SO PROUD to be an American! I know we always say that but today, I have really thought about. Even though to some it seems to some that the country is going to hell in hand basket. We are still extremely blessed. Things could be so much worse. Just read the news. We are country that is blessed beyond measure. I am praying that God continues to bless us and just continues to pour his blessings out on our country. I am not ready to give it over to the dogs yet. I know my God is way bigger than that!

My day started out early. Went to Walmart to pick up some items for our lunch cookout and got some doughnuts! Bleeze was so excited. He loves him some Krispy Kreme! Then we came home and had a cookout lunch with my family. We had fun and the Townhouse chocolate cake my mom made was SOOO good! I was proud of myself though.... ONLY half a piece! I could have eaten half the cake! LOL! After lunch we all watched Blart, Mall Cop! Oh how funny!!! I laughed my head off!

After my parents left hit was clean up time and then we headed out to Heritage Park in Simpsonville. We had such a nice time. We had so much fun! Tommy and I agreed that it was the best 4th of July we ever had. The Greenville Symphony Orchestra was there playing patriotic music. They were AMAZING! (I enjoyed the tribute to Michael Jackson too) The food was very yummy too. Soby's food always ROCKS! THANKS TAMMY AGAIN!

The civil war peeps were there firing off cannons. EARTH SHAKING CANNONS! Poor Bleeze, he asked 5 million times when the fireworks were going to start. He fell asleep before they started and slept all the way through. He slept through the entire EARTH SHAKING CANN
ONS!!! I could not believe it.

The boys were happy to see Nanny and Jeff there too!

So thankful so such an amazing day! Thanks rock as always! "every good and perfect gift comes down from the Father"

Friday, July 3, 2009

Today was a good day! I was busy most of the day. Lots of errands, meeting with clients, etc. This afternoon I fed the boys an early dinner then they decided they wanted to see my parents. So, they went to my parents for a bit and we headed out to a late dinner and then to Walmart...such a romantic date! LOL! We did go to BIN112 in Greer on Trade Street....AMAZING! The food was unbelievable. Then we took a quick walk through the new Greer city park. We had fun...we even stopped for a quick swing and a silly picture. I took some pics at dinner and on our little walk. Nothing like a last minute date with your sweetheart. Glad to have some alone time with him!! YAY!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Fresh Veggies and God's Love

Going for my morning runs/walks whichever I am feeling that day...LOL! Always brings me closer to God. I have time to reflect and just think about God and how good He is and how much he loves me. I love these little moments with God.

The older I get the more in tune I get with nature. Our home is in a bird sanctuary this area is covered in birds. In the mornings when I am out I can hear the birds chirping, making all their beautiful noise. Many mornings I carry my ipod and rock out while I run but this morning I decided to leave the ipod at home. It is amazing how when you are just quiet and listen for God's voice you hear him so clearly. When you just take time to make sure your mind is clear. He speaks to you in that still small voice and you just know that he is there. AMAZING!

After my walk this morning I went to my garden and collected some fresh veggies. This is what I came back with it! As I was collected my veggies all I could do was just praise God for his love and goodness. It is amazing how when you have kids you never tend to leave "Mommy" mode. I made a game for myself, for every green bean I broke off I would say something I was thankful for. I got a ton of green beans and gave a ton of gratitude in at the same time!

Hope everyone's day ROCKS!!!