Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Big, Large Swee Tea.....our salvation during the renovations!
Bleeze in his cute "LINUS" shirt! He just adores Charlie Brown!

(we had our vendor meet and greet on Sunday!

Eli put Anna's hair bow in Bleeze hair...hehehe...He is very pretty. (note: his shirt says PRINCE charming) LOL!!!

Ava Hanging out at the LOOM....(she is such a doll)

Oh my! We are staying swamped. We are down to the wire with the renovations at the LOOM. We only have a few weeks until the grand opening. Things are really coming together and there is an excitement in the air. I can't wait!!! We have gotten a ton done this week. Yesterday I used an electric sander to sand some of the columns and I still feel like I am vibrating today. Not to mention my arms are seriously sore. UGGHH!

The kids have been real troopers. So blessed to hav ethe Loft for them to hang out in. They have had fun playing and just chilling out. I think they are as excited as we are! We have been living off of fast food. I made a vow tonight to do better. I have done so well for the past 9 months and I can't afford to blow it all now. It is just so easy to order the bad stuff though! LOL! (Especially when Pammy the Cake Lady is in walking distance of the LOOM and we can get such sweet treats like today) good!

We had a great lunch today from Zamorah's in Simpsonville. It is on Main Street. Everyone needs to go try it out! It was delicious!!! I love their sign, " a meat and three and a free tea!"LOL!

I am waiting on Tommy to get home. He took Eli to see a late night movie. I am literally exhausted but I am still waiting up on them. I know they are having a great time. Not to mention I am getting my laughs in with the Golden Girls.

Going to make some calls in the morning and then it is back to the LOOM for some more work. I hope that all of you can come to the open house on August 15th. It is going ROCK!

Okay, so for now, I don't know that I am going to make it up until Tommy and Eli get home. My eyes are getting heavier by the moment. Hope everyone is well and will check back in later.

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Rachel B said...

Sounds like life is oh so busy for you and your fam. Just wanted to leave a comment to say how cute your Eli is with that bow in his hair!!!! :) That's one for the high school graduation party! :)
Take care of yourself in the midst of all this work!
Rachel @
Life In Beranville