Thursday, July 9, 2009

ready for the weekend...

my new pics in my bathroom
Well today is Thursday, and I am ready for the weekend. Not that it will be any less busy but nevertheless it will be the weekend. Let's see, hum.....what has went on since Monday. Well, we have been very busy as usual. Let see, we have had meeting after meeting, did some cleaning, some shopping made some cakes, hosted supper club at our house and we got new furniture. I am really excited about my bedroom. We have had the same bedroom furniture since we got married. 13 years!! WOAH! It was the furniture Tommy had when he was living at home. I love it because it is the first we picked together. I posted some pics..there are no pictures or anything on the wall yet but I couldn't wait to share! So enjoy the picture of the cute 1st birtday cake I made. I forgot to take a picture of the one earlier in the week! Also my new furniture! hehe!

Today, I had lunch with Brandi at Elegant Gourmet! We went in celebration of her bday. I guess it is our bday/celebration spot! it was wonderful as always. Now I am off to clean! I have to make my neices 1st bday cake for her party tomorrow night and I got to get busy! I know I will have plenty of pics for that!

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