Thursday, July 2, 2009

Fresh Veggies and God's Love

Going for my morning runs/walks whichever I am feeling that day...LOL! Always brings me closer to God. I have time to reflect and just think about God and how good He is and how much he loves me. I love these little moments with God.

The older I get the more in tune I get with nature. Our home is in a bird sanctuary this area is covered in birds. In the mornings when I am out I can hear the birds chirping, making all their beautiful noise. Many mornings I carry my ipod and rock out while I run but this morning I decided to leave the ipod at home. It is amazing how when you are just quiet and listen for God's voice you hear him so clearly. When you just take time to make sure your mind is clear. He speaks to you in that still small voice and you just know that he is there. AMAZING!

After my walk this morning I went to my garden and collected some fresh veggies. This is what I came back with it! As I was collected my veggies all I could do was just praise God for his love and goodness. It is amazing how when you have kids you never tend to leave "Mommy" mode. I made a game for myself, for every green bean I broke off I would say something I was thankful for. I got a ton of green beans and gave a ton of gratitude in at the same time!

Hope everyone's day ROCKS!!!

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