Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Got to show some gratitude...

I used to show my gratitude everyday...I have been so slack. So tonight, my blog is totally gratitude...then I will try to get back on track with have an attitude of gratitude.....

Grateful for:

God- His ways are higher, wiser, and greater than my ways! He never ceases to amaze me

Jesus-He is my savior and friend

Grace-Where would we all be with out it!

My Husband- I love him!

My two precious boys- they are my life!

My Church- It ROCKS! I thank God everyday that I have this wonderful place in my life!

My home and van

My parents, in laws, brother, sisterinlaw, nieces and nephews.

Friends-You know the true ones!

Brandi- Thanks for being such an awesome friend and business partner I am thankful you and your family! You guys have been constants throughout the years!

THE LOOM-Another one of God's gifts to me!
A nice vacation a few weeks ago

time alone with my husband

individual time with my boys


my new laptop notebook my sweet man bought me a few weeks ago.


friends like Elle who remind me to be grateful.

God's healing power-So glad to hear good news from Lori C.tonight!

My garden. I have loved having tasty veggies this year!

the pool.....it is nice, refreshing, and makes my boys smile

Love----it covers a mulitude of sins..........................................

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Kela said...

Wonderful list of gratitude! Just stopping by to say hello! :) I found your blog via "Life with Four Boys..Coffee Please"/Denise Dykstra and Praise and Coffee.
See ya around!