Thursday, June 18, 2009

Day 5.....Sanibel Island

We were lazy again yesterday. Hung out at the pool. We also had a very yummy lunch. Another Mexican fiesta! Went on date with Tommy last night. We went to dinner at a place called THE TIMBERS here on Sanibel Island. It was yummy! There was a storm and tons of rain while we were eating. Arffheaded out to a grocery store to pick up more sunscreen! The grocery store had some interesting birds outside. I did not get a lot pics today. (I know, I am slack) I did manage to get a not so good one of Bleeze swimming. LOL! He actually has been using swimmies some this week. He is so funny. Today I have been hanging out with him watching Charlie Brown movies. He feels sorry for Lucy and Linus because they don't have parents and he has been trying to take his teeth out all morning! He says he needs some money! LOL!!!!!!!

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