Friday, June 19, 2009

Last full day here on Sanibel Island

Yesterday was nice and relaxing. Another day hanging out by the pool. The boys are getting nice and tan. They look like two little gingerbread men! LOL! Tommy went and got me a nice big hat yesterday. My scalp got sunburned the day before. UGGH! I enjoyed having that yesterday. It actually helps keep me cool. It is so hot here that the pool water feels like bath water. Yesterday Tony said he just need a bar of soap. LOL!

We grilled out some hamburgers and hotdogs last night. There was a horrible storm. Grabbed a few shots of the stormy sky. We had a good night just chillin out in Tony and Tammy's condo. Both boys went to sleep very early last night. They both passed out and left Lexi up all alone! LOL! So today is our last full day here. We start home tomorrow. We are still not sure if we are going to try to drive it all in one day or break it up into two. Tommy would much rather drive it all in one day. ( I would rather fly) LOL! I hate to fly but also hate riding with the boys. They are miserable. It brings back all those memories of traveling to General Assemblies with my family in TX. I HATE IT! I can remember the anxiety I felt from being trapped in the car for hours. I hate it for my boys!!! Not to mention that when we reach our final destination we are all ready to kill each other.

Today has started out good. Bleeze got up at 5AM because he was scared. I got him back to bed and I could not go back to sleep. I have sat outside just taking in the fresh air, reading my devotion books, praying, and reflecting. I hope to have a clear head whenever I get home. I hope to spend most of today making out next weeks schedules.

Going to go for now.....I am going to go try to relax for one more day. I have tons of work to do when I get home!


Anonymous said...

How fun!!! Our vacation ususally consists of visiting family in Chicago! Hopefully soon we can do something a little more adventurous! ;-) Thank you for stopping by my blog (Journey to a Gracious Woman) today :)
I like to know who's reading so I can come back and return the favor :)

Cathy Mustain said...

I remember the time we all went in the van with the Blacks.We knew that we were moving to Ohio but Daddy wanted to wait until after the Assembly to tell anyone. Of course your Mama and Daddy knew. We were going down the road and you were reading license plates and you pointed at one and said "Look, Hiho (that was how you pronounced it) your eyes got bing and before you could say anything else, your Daddy had clamped his hand over your mouth and quickly laid you down on the seat from a standing position. I cracked up. Rough trip, but some fun times. :)