Monday, June 15, 2009

Day 3....Can you say Benadryl please...

Sweet Bleeze fell asleep tonight while we were at the pool listening to the sweet!

Today started out great. Eli went on my run with me this morning on the beach. We saw an interesting lizard, crab, and dolphins. It was awesome! Tommy and Bleeze went on a bike ride. We got to keep the exercise up! After our exercise time we headed to the beach. The water is beautiful but it was HOT today. There really was not a breeze. We headed to the pool earlier than usual because we were so hot. I had just eaten lunch. Tasted a drink Tammy had and all of a sudden I started to break out in hives. My lips and face felt huge. The hives actually had fever in them. I got short of breath and it was horrible. It scared the crud out of me. They pushed benadryl in me and then Tommy took me inside to take care of me. I got all crazy from the medicine... I don't remember much after that. I just know I slept for 5 hours and when I woke up it was all gone. CRAZY!!!! The only thing we can think is that one of the drinks I tasted may have had some kiwi fruit in it. I am allergic to kiwi fruit. I don't know but I hope it doesn't happen again. UGGH! It was scary.

We had a Mexican fiesta tonight. LOL! Enjoyed dinner with

Tammy's brother and sisterinlaw. We cooked up a storm. After dinner I sat by the pool with the kids and did some work for the LOOM! I can't wait until it is up and running. It is going to be so awesome. I do miss my sweet friend/business partner Brandi! She is on vaca too. We so have to plan a trip to a beach SOON! Well, I am going to attach a few pics from today and then crash. I drank a bunch of coffee to try to stay awake from all the Benadryl and now I am wide awake! LOL! My face is itchy right now so I am going to take more benadryl and then hopefully get some sleep. We are going on a bike ride early in the morning! Pray we all stay safe and well the rest of the trip.