Saturday, August 30, 2008

I think I will become a Japanese chef...LOL!

Last night we took the boys to Miyabi Japanese restaurant. I think I will become a chef. LOL! there is no way I could do that. I feel like I have made a major accomplishment if I flip a pancake without it fall apart or manage to flip an egg without it busting. LOL! Neverthe less, the boys had a blast. Bleeze was the funny one. I don't think we had been since he was very young. He just sat there watching with his little mouth wide open. He was precious. He ate the meat only though. Forget the veggies and rice he said they were "istqusting" (distusting) He fed them to my Dad. LOL!

After dinner we went to the mall to get batteries from Radio Shack for Eli's remote control cars. That meant I must take a trip to Ann Taylor. Got a cute skirt for $9.44 Woot Woot!!!! My mom got the awesome deal though a 168.00 dress for 19.99. It is black and can be worn year round....AWESOME!!! Once we were home I let the boys sit up late and watch College Road Trip. It was such a cute movie. I cried. Bleeze looked at me at the end and said, "I will always love mommy" awwww...such a sweet boy.

So it is Labor Day weekend. We are still trying to decide on our plans. Should make some final decisions in the next little bit. The house is actually quiet right now. The boys are out playing in the yard and Tommy is mowing the lawn. Peace, peace! LOL! Well, I am going to get off here and do some housework. I have to decide what to do with the rest of the day...maybe we will grill out tonight for dinner or maybe I will give at try and do some fancy Japanese dinner. LOL!!!!!! I think the hotdogs on the grill will be the choice. Hope everyone has an awesome Labor Day weekend.

Friday, August 29, 2008


Life is busy and blessed right now. I have been working on several projects, organizing for home school, activities, business, and much more. Yesterday was a pretty good day. I was very productive yesterday morning, got lots of things accomplished and marked off my "to do" list.

I had lunch with Brandi and her sweet girls. That was fun! Then we were off to run errands but Bleeze fell asleep. I decided to go home and let him nap. He slept for 3 hours. When he woke up we ran our errands. We went to the post office and staples. Then Tommy called and said that he wanted to go and look at new cars. So we sat at the car dealership for 3 hours...uggh...came out with no new vehicle. He is a real stickler. If they can't get him the payment he wants to the penny then it is a NO DEAL! That's ok though. I am ok with what I have. It is not really a need...more or less a want.

So, we came home last night and enjoyed our homemade Amish cheese from the farmers market, crackers and wine! It was so yummy. I caught up on my tivo'd Big Brother. OMG! That show is going crazy. I am kinda excited though. I was on eBay and I had put a bid on COACH bag NEW WITH TAGS AND BOX! I was so excited about it. Well, I saw another COACH bag that had the auction was ending in 3 seconds. Well, I thought, "I WILL NEVER GET IT" So I put in a MAX bid. I WON IT! LOL!!!! There was so message that said, "CONGRATULATIONS YOU WON THE AUCTION IN THE LAST FEW SECONDS WITH YOUR FIRST BID THANKS FOR BEING PART OF THE COMPETITION" LOL!!!!!! I thought I would die. Well, the bad thing was I won the other one too (with the only bid that I put in) . YIKES! I had to tell Tommy I won two bids on two COACH bags in one day! YIKES!!!!! He was not to happy. He laughed though (thank God) I guess the smaller one I will re list on eBay. LOL!!!! I think I finally went to bed around 1:30am.

I was sad the see that the South Carolina Gamecocks won last hoo... Now for the TIGERS to win!!! GO CLEMSON!!!

Had a miracle last night. Bleeze slept through the night for the 4th time in his life! WOO HOO!!!!! I wish it would start to be an every night thing. Eli has slept through the night since he was 2 weeks old. I guess Bleeze takes after me being light sleeper and an insomniac (is that a word?)

So today, I have work to do...uggh... then I have to run a few errands also. We are going on our family date night tonight. EXCITED! I don't know yet what we are going to do but it will be something we all will enjoy though. So for now.... I hope that everyone has a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Crazy week so far

This week has been really crazy. Monday we spent most of the morning unpacking from our trip, catching up laundry, etc. Then at lunch time I went to my parents to get a baby fix. Held my sweet little niece for about 2 hours. LOL! Then Bleeze and I headed to Walmart for some shopping. After an adventure at walmart we came home to get ready for my brothers bday party.

It was so nice to have Eric home on his birthday. Our ENTIRE family came to my parents to help him celebrate and meet Makenzie. She is so precious and beautiful! She looks like Jessica. I did however find two pictures that I thinks she looks a little like Bleeze when he was a newborn. We had fun at the party and then were home for bed.

Tuesday we chilled out in the morning, I got some work done and then headed to lunch with my parents, Eric, Jessica, and Makenzie at Copper River. It is so yummy. After lunch, I did some writing and then cooked dinner for my family. I enjoyed having them over. I cooked a roast, mashed potatoes, Brandi's lime corn recipe (YUMMY), green beans and yeast rolls. Don't forget chocolate cake. I am not the best cook but I guess it turned out pretty good.

Today has been good too. We had lunch with my family again at Zaxby's and then headed to run errands. My brother left today to go to NC to visit with Jessica's family. I will miss them. I really wish that they did not have to go back to Houston on Saturday. Hopefully, I will get to see them on there way back through to Atlanta on Saturday.

I have some pics to post of the bday party, precious Makenzie, and more. I will get to it hopefully tomorrow. Things have been crazy and only going to get crazier. I will start homeschooling next week. I am excited. We got a K3 program for Bleeze. Both boys will be schooled this year. Eli started soccer this week and tennis starts next week. I have a lot to look forward to also.....a cake decorating class (can't wait Brandi), the Bible study here at my house starting in two weeks, Grace weekly ladies Bible study, birthday parties, apple farm next week, our business taking off....check us and don't forget.....MICHAEL BUBLE!!!!! I was online when the tickets went on sale. They went on sale at 10 am a few weeks ago. My ticket time is 10:06!!! LOL!!! Can't wait for that either Brandi!!! He is dreamy!!!! I am out of here I am exhausted... Bleeze has been coughing (just at night) and it is driving me insane. He went to bed before 9 but he has been up already two times because of his cough. Hopefully the medicine will kick in and he will be able to rest. For now, I am out of here....good night....

Monday, August 25, 2008

Adventures of Tommy and Allison

We had a wonderful Anniversary weekend. I love my man! What can I say. We went to Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, TN. The drive was beautiful. I just love the mountains. The mountains always become spiritual for me, just like the beach. We got to see some leaves already starting to change. Fall is in the air...YAY BRANDI! We had a nice relaxing weekend. We had some amazing food. We had dinner at a new little restaurant in Gatlinburg on the street called Legends. Italain! It as wonderful! We went to Bubba Gumps, the famous Apple Barn and Old Mill. YUMMY!!!! We went to the Tanger Outlets and shopped (my favorite thing), of course visited all the little shops in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, bought our traditional yummy fudge, ahhh.... to die for, we bought three beautiful scripture portraits for our house, even, took two tours of the Wineries! AWESOME!!! It was just great! I loved every minute of being with my sweetheart. We have been married 12 years.WOW!! I missed my boys something terrible but I actually wished for a little bit longer time with Tommy. It was nice to just have no agenda and relax and be with each other. HUGE Thanks to Tammy and Tony for watching boys on Friday. They had a blast. Also HUGE thanks to my parents for keeping them the entire weekend. They had so much fun. I don't think they even missed us! LOL!

Now the next few days are going to be great too. My brother is here from Houston. We are going to have our entire family at my parents tonight for a big celebration because it is his birthday! I got to meet my sweet niece Makenzie last night. She is amazing! I cant wait to get my hands on her today. LOL!

So now, I am off to the shower. I have got to get ready for my busy week.......

Thursday, August 21, 2008

not wanting to I will blog..hehe!

Yesterday was nice. I did some work around the house yesterday morning and then yesterday afternoon I watched Spiderwick with Eli. It was fun because we had read the book together. The characters were kinda scary. I was praying that we would not dream last night. Thank goodness we did not. Bleeze went to bed at 8 last night and then he got up at 12:30am crying so I put him in my bed because I was so into the volleyball at the Olympics. I fell asleep and then woke up to Bleeze screaming at 3:30 that the top of his foot was hurting. Not sure what was wrong. He cried for 30 minutes. I think maybe a cramp???? I gave him some Tylenol and he went back to sleep about 30 minutes later. Who knows?

I am looking forward to a lot of things coming up. We are going to be busy but have a ton of fun! I have got my little get away tomorrow with my sweetheart. We will be married 12 years on Saturday. I am excited about our time away but still agonizing over leaving the boys. They will be ok though. I just know it! I get to see my brother this week. I am really excited to see him and Jessica but I am SIKED about seeing my new niece Makenzie. I haven't got to meet her yet. I can't wait!! I also will get to see a ton of family on over the next week so that will be nice.

I have to get my house clean today. We will be back Sunday afternoon and then we will have family staying with us on Monday night so the house has to be clean when I leave. ugghh...I have a few errands that must be done today before we leave in the morning. I still have to pack our stuff and the boys! It will all get done in time! LOL!

I am off now to clean house. I hope to get done early today :). we are going to do something fun with our two monkeys tonight since we will be away for three days.(ugghh I have to be strong) LOL! They are excited. I am the one upset! LOL! So for now...adios amigos!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Quote of the Week...

"Honor is self-esteem made visible in action" ~ Ayn Rand

Wednesday Already?

It is Wednesday already! WOW! I have been super busy. I think it is only going to get worse in the future. I have a great few days though. Got my hair done on Monday. It feels so much better. THANKS Alicia! I had one of my feeling old moments again. Seems like yesterday I was changing Alicia's diaper now she is married, got a baby, and a successful young lady. It was good to see Brittani too. She is all grown up. Wheww....time flies!

Monday night we took the boys to Sonic (at their request) after the fact we had a discussion about cutting all the additives, preservatives, dyes, and JUNK from our entire families diet. LOL!!!!! I hate to say it but my chicken sandwich was pretty yumo! They love to go there and sit outside and chill. We used to eat in the van and call it a van picnic but now they like to go and sit outside. Sometimes it gives me the fuzzies when I sit there and watch them eat. Love my little family!!!! After Sonic, we had to go to Walmart for a few things I forgot. The boys got remote control cars (long story) don't have time for. But anyway, they have been the hit of our house the past two days. The funny thing is Eli's will work Bleeze. It is so funny because Bleeze thinks he is making his do tricks, but it is really Eli doing it. (We turn Bleeze remote off) He is just pressing the button and Eli does all the work. FUNNY!

Worked on some business ideas with Brandi yesterday morning. Brandi, we are so lucky to work from Starbucks and then the Iced Cupcake Cafe yesterday morning! LOL!!!! The boys keep asking when Jessica can come back and keep them. In fact, Bleeze is still confused, he wants to know when Miss Aunt Jessica is coming back over. hehehehe!

Back to the Iced Cupcake Cafe..... the place is AMAZING. I bought a sampler box yesterday morning. There are three left. Every single flavor I have tasted has been terrific. I am loving the red velvet I think the best, maybe the pink lemonade, no...maybe the black tie, wait no..chocoholic, oh...capacinno...HOLY SHA-MOLY!!!! Don't forget key lime, ying yang, and very vanilla.....( I still haven't tasted every flavor)

I cooked a yummy dinner last night! The boys gobbled it all up. I hate to admit it but I am SO glad school is back in session. I know... I home school. But good Lord, it was so nice yesterday, no one rang my door bell at 8am wanting kids to play, no fussing among all the kids, it was heaven, and then last night at 8:30 there were NO kids out except mine and the three other home schooled kids on my street. LOL! The boys were able to play w/ Bleeze Mustang without a hundred kids wanting to ride. Don't get me wrong.. I love kids...just get a little irritated with some of the ones who live in our neighborhood. Tommy and I enjoyed a LONG walk last night. I love our long walks because they lead to talks. God is moving in our lives and we know it like never before. Can't wait to see what he is going to do next. God's cool like that you know?

So that's my life right now. I have got some business to take care of today and start getting ready for our trip this weekend. Yes... I am still dying about leaving my boys but excited at the same time. I get some "Tommy time".

For now... I am off to get some work done and spend time with my two wild monkeys...Happy Hump day peeps!!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Marvelous Monday!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I had a great one. Saturday morning was lazy (isn't that what Saturday mornings are for) Met Brandi and the girls for lunch..WELCOME TO MOE'S!!! Had a traumatic experience while waiting on Brandi to get there. I was sitting in my van and I allowed Bleeze to get out come up front to sit with me. He was playing with all the buttons. DRIVING ME INSANE but nevertheless, he was occupied. Well, yet another reason for me to win mother of the year.... Bleeze was playing with the cell phone charger and then he opened the ash tray and I could swear to you that he did not punch in the cigarette lighter, he pulled it out and I said I yelled, "no, no don't touch that it could burn you" just as a yell it, he grabs the bottom and SCREAMS!!!! He has two big blisters on his little finger. I cried a river! I felt so bad for him. He literally cried for 2 hours. We went in Moe's and put it in ice and Brandi had her Neo-to-Go and we put it on there! Oh! It was horrible. I felt soooo bad. My poor,poor baby.

After Moe's we headed to Wally World (walmart) it was actually VERY busy but they had almost every register open. IT WAS A DAY OF MIRACLES! LOL! I did not even wait! Made it through Walmart with no major breakdowns from either me or the boys..hehe! Got home just in time to get ready for the neighborhood pool party! It was ok..nothing exciting, no drama, etc. Had some yummy food, the boys had a blast riding the train, and we just chilled out. The DJ was pretty funny yet no one got crazy this year. BUMMER!!! LOL!

Yesterday was good too! We went to church. It never ceases to amaze me at how God puts the perfect sermon for my life that week. It is truly amazing. Each week this summer the series has applied to my life. Yesterday was "seek ye first". Tommy and I had a deep discussion on that same topic earlier in the week. As always it was exactly what I needed! God's cool like that you know? We started serving in the 2nd service yesterday. It was so great to be with kiddos again. Our little class ROCKS! They are precious! I am sure I will have some awesome stories to tell! I am excited about our little penguin group.

After church we had lunch at my parents. AMAZING food as always. This week the meal was chosen by Eli. EVERY SINGLE thing. It was yumo! He makes good choices. LOL! Bleeze went to sleep right after lunch and so I came home and laid down for one hour. I still can't believe it! LOL! My parents and Tommy's came over last night for dinner. It was a nice relaxing time. Enjoyed chatting, laughing, venting, etc. LOL!!! Nice for us all to be together! Keri came over and we hung out chatting in the garage until after 11. Then I was once again sucked in by the Olympics. I tell you it is a good thing, they are not on all the time. I would be in so much trouble. I just can't stop watching it! LOL! It did not last long though, I took a sleeping pill because of being restless the past few nights and I crashed after a bit. hehe!

I am ready for a new week. This one is going to be good. Busy, but good. Excited about some business opportunities possibly this week, hanging out with my boys before this weekend. I am so anxious. Tommy and I are going away this weekend for our 12 year anniversary. I always get so anxious about leaving my babies. Typing this right now, I am starting to tear up. I hate to be away from them! They will be in good hands and have fun too. So I have to stop agonizing over it! So that's it.... I am done for now... got to clean and then go get my hair done today. I can't decide what to do with it! I hope everyone has an awesome week!!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

I am blessed....

For the past couple of days I have had that old song in my head ... You know " I am blessed, I blessed. Everyday that I live I am blessed. When I wake up in the morning til I lay my head to rest. I am blessed. I am blessed". God is so good to me. I have had wonderful past couple of days. Thursday, the boys went to spend some time with their Nanny Mary. I had some much needed down time. I spent most of the day shopping(Ann Taylor Loft ROCKED a sale), running errands(felt old when I saw Andrew P working the bank), had lunch with an awesome friend :)! This gave me time to reflect on truly thankful I am for the life that I have. All the blessings I see and especially all the ones I can't see. You know, the blessings where God is working in my favor and I don't even realize it! THAT IS AMAZING!

Thursday night I cooked dinner for my family and then Tommy had meeting. I hung out with Keri on the power box. ha! We just sat out there and talked and watched the kids play. They were so funny arguing over Bleeze Mustang. My advice, if you live in a neighborhood, don't buy your kid a battery operated vehicle. ugghhh! It was a pretty good night. We were all in bed sleeping at 10:30. That is AMAZING! LOL!

Yesterday was a great day too. I worked around at home yesterday morning. GOT MY MICHAEL BUBLE TICKET! WE ARE GOING TO HAVE SO MUCH FUN!! HE IS SO DREAMY!!! I went outside with the boys and played in the afternoon. They were so funny. They had went to spend the day with Nanny Mary on Thursday and she bought them a blow up pool. Nothing would do them but to bring the stinkin thing home. We could not get the air out so we crammed it into the back of the van. It was Hilarius! So despite they have in ground pool they could play in at the end of the street the opted to get in the whale pool. LOL! It is cute. It shoots water out the top. Bleeze likes it because he says he "swims" in it! Around and around he goes and then comes up gagging! LOL! Eli was calling him Michael Phelps. LOL!!!!!!!

Last night was GREAT! We went downtown with my parents. Greenville is so beautiful. Yet another reason I am blessed. Greenville voted 4th best place to live in the nation!! GO GREENVILLE! We had dinner at Smoke on the Water. YUMO!!!! OMG! That place is amazing. The boys behavior was awesome. Even the waitress commented on how well-mannered they were. She said, Kids normally are throwing bread and screaming. I busted out laughing and said, "thank you, we are having a rare night" LOL!!!!! We walked the entire downtown. Went to some of the shops but the highlight was Mast General store candy section. We always let the boys get some! It was so fun! We took our time and just relaxed. It was great!! Came home, the boys crashed early so Tommy and I had the evening to ourselves. NICE! I attached a picture. It is not that great. Tommy looks half drunk (he's not) LOL! Never the less, it is a reminder of our good night.

That is my past few days. I am headed out to the grocery store. We have our neighborhood annual pool party tonight. There is always some type of drama that occurs. Can't wait to see how it goes. LOL! I have to stay the entire time to help Tommy because he is the HOA president. UGGHH! We are going to have yummy food, DJ with dancing, trackless train, and jumpy rides. It should be awesome! So for now, I hope everyone has an amazing weekend! In the words of my dear friend Elle, "count your blessings!"

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Had to Share

"Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity" (1Timothy 4:12).Timothy was a young man when Paul wrote these words to him, explaining that he was not too young to set a good example. It is a reminder to all of us, regardless of our age or the length of time that we have been believers. God has called each of us to live out our faith as a model for other believers.Paul then listed some actions and attitudes to which 1 Timothy needed to give his attention:Devote yourself to the public reading of Scripture (4:13)Devote yourself to preaching (4:13)Devote yourself to teaching (4:13)Do not neglect your gift (4:14)Be diligent in these matters (4:15)Give yourself wholly to these matters (4:15)Watch your life and doctrine closely (4:16)Persevere (4:16)Although some of the items addressed by Paul may be specific to Timothy and his gifts, there is much we can learn from this passage about how God calls us to live.We need to study God's Word to know what we believe and we need to live out those beliefs. The words persevere, be diligent, give yourself wholly, and watch closely, all signify the great importance placed on how we live.The way we talk, the way we interact, the way we love, how faith is evident in our lives, as well as the purity of our words and actions are all elements of how our lives should demonstrate our faith in God.People are watching.Paul tells Timothy to do these things so that everyone will see his progress (4:16). We are called to live our lives honestly and transparently before others.Paul also says that those who watch and listen will be saved by our example (4:16).What better reason can there be to set a good example?
Suzanne Benner
Happy Hump Day! We have had a great couple of days. Monday is my cleaning day...ugghhh! I managed to get more done than I had on my "to do" list. I LOVE it when that happens. I cleaned out my closet, van, and entire house. I also cooked a huge meal Monday night. We had baked porkchops, sweet potato casserole, fried corn, sweet peas (lima beans for me) and mac and cheese. Here is the catch...almost EVERYTHING was fat free! Yes... I am doing pretty good with this lowfat/fat free cooking. It is becoming habit now. It all tasted pretty good too. Especially the sweet potato casserole.

The highlight of Monday was when Brandi came by to pick up something and Anna cried to stay. It made me happy that she loves us so. LOL! So, she stayed and played. Bleeze has been asking the past two days if Anna can come back over today. LOL! They had so much fun. They played puppies, hide & seek, prince and princess. They built a castle (tent) they were precious. I was so glad Bleeze got some playtime! He had a blast. I think Eli had fun playing with them too. We are missing them while they are the beach. Hope they have fun and stay safe.

Yesterday was good too. Got lots of chores done and went for a long walk in the morning, had a most delicious lunch with my man at Mutts. I have not been there in ages. I wish I could go back today. YUMMY!!!!! The boys and me made some homemade chocolate chip cookies. They turned out pretty good. I hate to say it but sometimes I would just have the premade dough from the store. It is so yummy. The boys love mixing all the ingredients together though and it makes for some awesome family fun! (even though they fight over who is going to use the mixer)

I would like to say that I appreciate the overwhelming amount of private messages I got from yesterday's blog. I am glad that something I said touched your life. I feel honored.

Last night, chatted with a dear friend. Glad God is moving in her life. I see it so clearly. Can't wait to see what is next in her life.

I am so addicted to Olympics! I love watching it! I can't stop. I was so mad that the USA gymnastic team went to Silver. UGGH!!! I get so tense. Tommy was laughing at me last night!

I have a teacher training meeting at Grace tonight. I am looking forward to that. It should be fun! I can't wait to find out more about our little class. I love K4 kiddos. They are so much fun. Can't wait for this Sunday so I can meet them all.

So, for now, I am trying to decide what to do today. I have some errands and chores I need to do. It is cloudy and MUCH cooler today. It is only supposed to get to 80 degrees. I keep thinking we could go for a walk but I think we may get drenched. Some thunderstorms are headed our way.

So for now... I am headed to put clean sheets on all our beds. Hope you have a happy hump day!!!!!


I Am Who I Am
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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

got a lot brewing inside of me....

I have so much brewing in me all the time. I hate to say it but sometimes I don't even post it because I know that it is going to cause chaos. I think that I have been learning some valuable lessons from my dear online friend Elle. I have to stand up for myself, be true to who I am and do what is right for me. So, I may get a little bit out this morning. However there is a lot more to come.

For those of you who do not know, I grew up in a pastor's home. I have always been raised in church. I have been in ministry for almost 15 years now myself. I have had plenty of tremendous ups and tremendous downs. In the past few years I have had a "new experience" with God. I see him differently now than 3 1/2 years ago. He has totally ROCKED my world. I think in the past it has been people and "their" beliefs that rocked my world. You see, I had to get a hold of God for myself. I had to try to figure out what He has for ME! Not a certain group of people, friends, family, or even denomination. For those of you who do not know.... I am denominationed out! SICK OF IT! Too much focus is put on the people and politics of it all and not on God. For those of you trying to change a particular denomination that I used to be a part of . GOOD LUCK! It's not going to happen. Yes, there are a few of you who desire change but I believe that there are far few who do not desire change. Yes, I do believe that God can do ANYTHING. However, you have to have the desire to see God do what you are asking for. I don't know if there are that many who truly desire a change. Or is it that you desire change or you just know that there's got to be something more???

You see, my husband gave me the best analogy of all the other day ( I kinda added my own twist to it also). If you were on a boat full of people, some of them you loved DEARLY. Your best friends, but you felt like the boat was sinking. Then you seen it, start to sink, You would get off. As much as I love some of my dearest family and friends. I would do what I had to do to save my little family. To make sure that my boys and Tommy were safe. To get off that boat and swim to safety.I would HATE to leave my family and friends behind. Don't get me wrong, I would try to help them but if they would not listen and it came down to life or death. I am headed to shore to find safety and security. See, that is where I am right now with my walk with Christ. Finding safety and security. I am on the shore. I no longer have to tread water or struggle to know where I stand with God. However, as look back out into the water, I see tons of people still struggling out in the water, still treading water, many still sitting on the edge of the sinking boat, some of them even drowning. All I can do is pray for them. I am not strong enough myself yet to head back out in that water. I pray that they will swim towards shore. Take their eyes of the boat and turn go to safety. Some of you may say, our denomination or church is strong and powerful. People thought that about the Titanic also! It's not about denomination or church. It's about GOD!!

I have found that God's grace is so much greater than what I was ever taught. For those of you who say that Tommy has brain washed me into believing "once saved always saved". You're crazy because you don't even know what Tommy believes. NOT ONCE SAVED ALWAYS SAVED! I believe it is about a relationship that no one else can mark, they can't put your relationship with God into a certain category! We as individuals mark our relationship with God. We put it into certain categories. We decide what we want our particular walk or belief in God to be. I will be honest, I can honestly say that in years past, I have felt brainwashed into believing a certain way.

I am glad that my eyes have been opened. This eye opening experience was not brought by any particular person, church, or organization but by God Almighty. I called out to him out of "religious frustration". I begin to pray and ask God for clarity 5 years ago. I am still receiving clarity everyday. May I never loose sight of what God is trying to show me!!!! I encourage you today to call out to God. If you are feeling that sense of "religious frustration" make it about YOUR PERSONAL relationship with him. Not others! "seek him first and all his righteousness."

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Today has been great! We got up and went to church. The message was great. This week was "God is Just". Boy did I need that! I heard a funny today in the message. When you hear someone say "It's not fair" your reply can be this, "the fair is where you go to ride rides" LOL!!!!! I love it! I must hear "It's not fair" a hundred times a day from Eli! I even used that line on him today after service!!! LOL! I will reflect more on the message later. I have a blog brewing. LOL!

We enjoyed lunch today with the Wards at Fried Green Tomato's despite having to take my boys outside. LOL! After lunch we went to the Carolina First Center to the Outdoor Spa and Garden show. They were supposed to have playground equipment cheap. NOT!!! Tommy did get stuck talking to a salesman about a hot tub. OMG! I want one sooo bad but we really do not need one! Thank God we are past that point of making foolish mistakes. I remember the day we would have just jumped at his offer and bought right in. We are older, stronger, and wiser. THANK GOD! (still want a hot tub though) LOL! After that adventure we headed to Khols and Target. Tommy had to get new work shorts. His are falling off. He is down another 10 pounds. I wish I could drop it that fast. He is becoming a little obsessed though. LOL!! I stayed in the van at Khols hoping Bleeze would go to sleep. NOT!!! We had to listen to Leona Lewis! hehe! I could not resist Target though.

Bleeze fell asleep in the van and we brought him in and he had his afternoon nap. I think he is back on track. He slept 2 hours. I took advantage and was completely lazy. I caught up on Big Brother and the show Flashpoint. I really like it. I am hooked.

This evening, Tommy took Eli to see Hancock. Eli LOVED IT! They never made it last night. We had dinner at Applebees and Tommy was SO tired. We came home and he crashed. He has worked all week sick and then he worked in the heat all day yesterday. He was beat. Bleeze and I went to Pizza Inn for dinner and then to Bloom for groceries. We had so much fun. He cracks me up! At dinner, I said, "Bleeze tell me about church this morning" He said, "Mommy, you know about church, Miss Stephanie told me a story about Jesus, we sang, and did our craft. I washed dishes at the play kitchen with Molly Blair, and that's all" He is so funny! About grocery shopping...thanks Brandi for the milk story today....that's all I could think of when I was getting our milk!!! Brandi send me that quote so I can share it with others. You may never drink milk again.

Ok.. so Eli has a faux hawk. So tonight, Bleeze was watching Cartoon Network and The Incredible Hulk was getting ready to come on. He said, "oooo.. I don't want to watch the Incredible faux hawk" hehehe!!! SO CUTE!!!

I cleaned our backyard tonight. I am not kidding. I think every Hot wheel car we own was in the grass. ok... so another Bleeze funny... He said, "We are having a car hunt, instead of an Easter Egg Hunt" LOL!!!!!!!

This coming week is slammed! I have a lot going on. I hope you all have a great week... stay tuned... I got some things brewing in my mind! Love to all........

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Little notes of interest....

* Still busy

* Had such a fun time with Brandi at El Jalisco for lunch yesterday! The kiddos were funny. Bleeze was so tired he was crazy. He crashed literally 2 mintues after we got in the car.

* Target Rocks....Bought me a dress from the little girl department! LOL!!! It's so cute. Being short can be a good thing I guess.

* Eli spent an hour and half picking out the "perfect" gift for his little friend Cameron for her birthday. They have been stuck together like glue this summer. She is only here every other week so he misses her like crazy on those off weeks.

* Made an awesome dinner last night. It was really good. I love it when EVERYONE likes it.
* Had a long, long talk with Tommy last night about life. Interesting...................................

* Went to put the boys to bed last night and Bleeze had a breakdown wanting to spend the night with my parents. He won! At 9:30 we were taking them to their house. They were sleeping at 10. TTommy and I went walking at 11pm last night. Walked two miles! YAY!!! Did more "life" talking along the way. I will share more in some individual blogs later.

* Met Brandi for some "work" this morning. I just love working from Starbucks despite the frigid conditons...LOL! Girl, chic affair ROCKS!!!!

* Took my sweet boys to Chickfila today for lunch. ( I am so glad that Bleeze is past the hating chickfila)

* The boys had a blast at Cameron's bday party. I however, was worn out when it was over. Walking the skating rink with Bleeze trying to skate is a work out!!!

* Tommy just came in from a LONG days work! He is tired and hungry. I am going to give him some extra TLC!!! LOL! We are going to eat and then he is going to take Eli to the movies. I am going to go grocery shopping I think.

* So for now...can't wait until tomorrow. CHURCH!!!! YAY! I can't wait to hear tomorrow's message. I know that it is something I am going to need! Message title: GOD IS JUST!!!!!!

* I leave you now with a quote from a dear friend of mine..."WORDS ARE SEEDS. WHAT ARE YOU PLANTING?"

Going to blogspot again

Okay, so I used to blog on blogspot all the time. I stopped because I had moved it onto my myspace. As of now I post my blog on myspace, cafemom, and facebook. So, I thought, why not make it four different places. So, I will now be posting on blogspot again. I have had several peeps ask me why I am not on there. Well, I have been....just not updating . I started to delete all my previous post on blogspot because they were from well over a year ago. Some of those memories I would just like to delete all together. However, I decided that it was history. I can go back and read about my life. Even if it makes me mad and sad. So for those of you who start reading my blog on blogspot you can check on the past year of my life at just click on my blog to read all of past. LOL! For everyone else on all my other sites who would like to catch up on my life from the past you can check it out at everyone can keep up with me....BIG HUGS TO ALL!!!