Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wednesday Already?

It is Wednesday already! WOW! I have been super busy. I think it is only going to get worse in the future. I have a great few days though. Got my hair done on Monday. It feels so much better. THANKS Alicia! I had one of my feeling old moments again. Seems like yesterday I was changing Alicia's diaper now she is married, got a baby, and a successful young lady. It was good to see Brittani too. She is all grown up. Wheww....time flies!

Monday night we took the boys to Sonic (at their request) after the fact we had a discussion about cutting all the additives, preservatives, dyes, and JUNK from our entire families diet. LOL!!!!! I hate to say it but my chicken sandwich was pretty yumo! They love to go there and sit outside and chill. We used to eat in the van and call it a van picnic but now they like to go and sit outside. Sometimes it gives me the fuzzies when I sit there and watch them eat. Love my little family!!!! After Sonic, we had to go to Walmart for a few things I forgot. The boys got remote control cars (long story) don't have time for. But anyway, they have been the hit of our house the past two days. The funny thing is Eli's will work Bleeze. It is so funny because Bleeze thinks he is making his do tricks, but it is really Eli doing it. (We turn Bleeze remote off) He is just pressing the button and Eli does all the work. FUNNY!

Worked on some business ideas with Brandi yesterday morning. Brandi, we are so lucky to work from Starbucks and then the Iced Cupcake Cafe yesterday morning! LOL!!!! The boys keep asking when Jessica can come back and keep them. In fact, Bleeze is still confused, he wants to know when Miss Aunt Jessica is coming back over. hehehehe!

Back to the Iced Cupcake Cafe..... the place is AMAZING. I bought a sampler box yesterday morning. There are three left. Every single flavor I have tasted has been terrific. I am loving the red velvet I think the best, maybe the pink lemonade, no...maybe the black tie, wait no..chocoholic, oh...capacinno...HOLY SHA-MOLY!!!! Don't forget key lime, ying yang, and very vanilla.....( I still haven't tasted every flavor)

I cooked a yummy dinner last night! The boys gobbled it all up. I hate to admit it but I am SO glad school is back in session. I know... I home school. But good Lord, it was so nice yesterday, no one rang my door bell at 8am wanting kids to play, no fussing among all the kids, it was heaven, and then last night at 8:30 there were NO kids out except mine and the three other home schooled kids on my street. LOL! The boys were able to play w/ Bleeze Mustang without a hundred kids wanting to ride. Don't get me wrong.. I love kids...just get a little irritated with some of the ones who live in our neighborhood. Tommy and I enjoyed a LONG walk last night. I love our long walks because they lead to talks. God is moving in our lives and we know it like never before. Can't wait to see what he is going to do next. God's cool like that you know?

So that's my life right now. I have got some business to take care of today and start getting ready for our trip this weekend. Yes... I am still dying about leaving my boys but excited at the same time. I get some "Tommy time".

For now... I am off to get some work done and spend time with my two wild monkeys...Happy Hump day peeps!!!

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