Sunday, August 10, 2008


Today has been great! We got up and went to church. The message was great. This week was "God is Just". Boy did I need that! I heard a funny today in the message. When you hear someone say "It's not fair" your reply can be this, "the fair is where you go to ride rides" LOL!!!!! I love it! I must hear "It's not fair" a hundred times a day from Eli! I even used that line on him today after service!!! LOL! I will reflect more on the message later. I have a blog brewing. LOL!

We enjoyed lunch today with the Wards at Fried Green Tomato's despite having to take my boys outside. LOL! After lunch we went to the Carolina First Center to the Outdoor Spa and Garden show. They were supposed to have playground equipment cheap. NOT!!! Tommy did get stuck talking to a salesman about a hot tub. OMG! I want one sooo bad but we really do not need one! Thank God we are past that point of making foolish mistakes. I remember the day we would have just jumped at his offer and bought right in. We are older, stronger, and wiser. THANK GOD! (still want a hot tub though) LOL! After that adventure we headed to Khols and Target. Tommy had to get new work shorts. His are falling off. He is down another 10 pounds. I wish I could drop it that fast. He is becoming a little obsessed though. LOL!! I stayed in the van at Khols hoping Bleeze would go to sleep. NOT!!! We had to listen to Leona Lewis! hehe! I could not resist Target though.

Bleeze fell asleep in the van and we brought him in and he had his afternoon nap. I think he is back on track. He slept 2 hours. I took advantage and was completely lazy. I caught up on Big Brother and the show Flashpoint. I really like it. I am hooked.

This evening, Tommy took Eli to see Hancock. Eli LOVED IT! They never made it last night. We had dinner at Applebees and Tommy was SO tired. We came home and he crashed. He has worked all week sick and then he worked in the heat all day yesterday. He was beat. Bleeze and I went to Pizza Inn for dinner and then to Bloom for groceries. We had so much fun. He cracks me up! At dinner, I said, "Bleeze tell me about church this morning" He said, "Mommy, you know about church, Miss Stephanie told me a story about Jesus, we sang, and did our craft. I washed dishes at the play kitchen with Molly Blair, and that's all" He is so funny! About grocery shopping...thanks Brandi for the milk story today....that's all I could think of when I was getting our milk!!! Brandi send me that quote so I can share it with others. You may never drink milk again.

Ok.. so Eli has a faux hawk. So tonight, Bleeze was watching Cartoon Network and The Incredible Hulk was getting ready to come on. He said, "oooo.. I don't want to watch the Incredible faux hawk" hehehe!!! SO CUTE!!!

I cleaned our backyard tonight. I am not kidding. I think every Hot wheel car we own was in the grass. ok... so another Bleeze funny... He said, "We are having a car hunt, instead of an Easter Egg Hunt" LOL!!!!!!!

This coming week is slammed! I have a lot going on. I hope you all have a great week... stay tuned... I got some things brewing in my mind! Love to all........

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