Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Crazy week so far

This week has been really crazy. Monday we spent most of the morning unpacking from our trip, catching up laundry, etc. Then at lunch time I went to my parents to get a baby fix. Held my sweet little niece for about 2 hours. LOL! Then Bleeze and I headed to Walmart for some shopping. After an adventure at walmart we came home to get ready for my brothers bday party.

It was so nice to have Eric home on his birthday. Our ENTIRE family came to my parents to help him celebrate and meet Makenzie. She is so precious and beautiful! She looks like Jessica. I did however find two pictures that I thinks she looks a little like Bleeze when he was a newborn. We had fun at the party and then were home for bed.

Tuesday we chilled out in the morning, I got some work done and then headed to lunch with my parents, Eric, Jessica, and Makenzie at Copper River. It is so yummy. After lunch, I did some writing and then cooked dinner for my family. I enjoyed having them over. I cooked a roast, mashed potatoes, Brandi's lime corn recipe (YUMMY), green beans and yeast rolls. Don't forget chocolate cake. I am not the best cook but I guess it turned out pretty good.

Today has been good too. We had lunch with my family again at Zaxby's and then headed to run errands. My brother left today to go to NC to visit with Jessica's family. I will miss them. I really wish that they did not have to go back to Houston on Saturday. Hopefully, I will get to see them on there way back through to Atlanta on Saturday.

I have some pics to post of the bday party, precious Makenzie, and more. I will get to it hopefully tomorrow. Things have been crazy and only going to get crazier. I will start homeschooling next week. I am excited. We got a K3 program for Bleeze. Both boys will be schooled this year. Eli started soccer this week and tennis starts next week. I have a lot to look forward to also.....a cake decorating class (can't wait Brandi), the Bible study here at my house starting in two weeks, Grace weekly ladies Bible study, birthday parties, apple farm next week, our business taking off....check us and don't forget.....MICHAEL BUBLE!!!!! I was online when the tickets went on sale. They went on sale at 10 am a few weeks ago. My ticket time is 10:06!!! LOL!!! Can't wait for that either Brandi!!! He is dreamy!!!! I am out of here I am exhausted... Bleeze has been coughing (just at night) and it is driving me insane. He went to bed before 9 but he has been up already two times because of his cough. Hopefully the medicine will kick in and he will be able to rest. For now, I am out of here....good night....

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