Monday, August 18, 2008

Marvelous Monday!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I had a great one. Saturday morning was lazy (isn't that what Saturday mornings are for) Met Brandi and the girls for lunch..WELCOME TO MOE'S!!! Had a traumatic experience while waiting on Brandi to get there. I was sitting in my van and I allowed Bleeze to get out come up front to sit with me. He was playing with all the buttons. DRIVING ME INSANE but nevertheless, he was occupied. Well, yet another reason for me to win mother of the year.... Bleeze was playing with the cell phone charger and then he opened the ash tray and I could swear to you that he did not punch in the cigarette lighter, he pulled it out and I said I yelled, "no, no don't touch that it could burn you" just as a yell it, he grabs the bottom and SCREAMS!!!! He has two big blisters on his little finger. I cried a river! I felt so bad for him. He literally cried for 2 hours. We went in Moe's and put it in ice and Brandi had her Neo-to-Go and we put it on there! Oh! It was horrible. I felt soooo bad. My poor,poor baby.

After Moe's we headed to Wally World (walmart) it was actually VERY busy but they had almost every register open. IT WAS A DAY OF MIRACLES! LOL! I did not even wait! Made it through Walmart with no major breakdowns from either me or the boys..hehe! Got home just in time to get ready for the neighborhood pool party! It was ok..nothing exciting, no drama, etc. Had some yummy food, the boys had a blast riding the train, and we just chilled out. The DJ was pretty funny yet no one got crazy this year. BUMMER!!! LOL!

Yesterday was good too! We went to church. It never ceases to amaze me at how God puts the perfect sermon for my life that week. It is truly amazing. Each week this summer the series has applied to my life. Yesterday was "seek ye first". Tommy and I had a deep discussion on that same topic earlier in the week. As always it was exactly what I needed! God's cool like that you know? We started serving in the 2nd service yesterday. It was so great to be with kiddos again. Our little class ROCKS! They are precious! I am sure I will have some awesome stories to tell! I am excited about our little penguin group.

After church we had lunch at my parents. AMAZING food as always. This week the meal was chosen by Eli. EVERY SINGLE thing. It was yumo! He makes good choices. LOL! Bleeze went to sleep right after lunch and so I came home and laid down for one hour. I still can't believe it! LOL! My parents and Tommy's came over last night for dinner. It was a nice relaxing time. Enjoyed chatting, laughing, venting, etc. LOL!!! Nice for us all to be together! Keri came over and we hung out chatting in the garage until after 11. Then I was once again sucked in by the Olympics. I tell you it is a good thing, they are not on all the time. I would be in so much trouble. I just can't stop watching it! LOL! It did not last long though, I took a sleeping pill because of being restless the past few nights and I crashed after a bit. hehe!

I am ready for a new week. This one is going to be good. Busy, but good. Excited about some business opportunities possibly this week, hanging out with my boys before this weekend. I am so anxious. Tommy and I are going away this weekend for our 12 year anniversary. I always get so anxious about leaving my babies. Typing this right now, I am starting to tear up. I hate to be away from them! They will be in good hands and have fun too. So I have to stop agonizing over it! So that's it.... I am done for now... got to clean and then go get my hair done today. I can't decide what to do with it! I hope everyone has an awesome week!!!

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