Friday, August 29, 2008


Life is busy and blessed right now. I have been working on several projects, organizing for home school, activities, business, and much more. Yesterday was a pretty good day. I was very productive yesterday morning, got lots of things accomplished and marked off my "to do" list.

I had lunch with Brandi and her sweet girls. That was fun! Then we were off to run errands but Bleeze fell asleep. I decided to go home and let him nap. He slept for 3 hours. When he woke up we ran our errands. We went to the post office and staples. Then Tommy called and said that he wanted to go and look at new cars. So we sat at the car dealership for 3 hours...uggh...came out with no new vehicle. He is a real stickler. If they can't get him the payment he wants to the penny then it is a NO DEAL! That's ok though. I am ok with what I have. It is not really a need...more or less a want.

So, we came home last night and enjoyed our homemade Amish cheese from the farmers market, crackers and wine! It was so yummy. I caught up on my tivo'd Big Brother. OMG! That show is going crazy. I am kinda excited though. I was on eBay and I had put a bid on COACH bag NEW WITH TAGS AND BOX! I was so excited about it. Well, I saw another COACH bag that had the auction was ending in 3 seconds. Well, I thought, "I WILL NEVER GET IT" So I put in a MAX bid. I WON IT! LOL!!!! There was so message that said, "CONGRATULATIONS YOU WON THE AUCTION IN THE LAST FEW SECONDS WITH YOUR FIRST BID THANKS FOR BEING PART OF THE COMPETITION" LOL!!!!!! I thought I would die. Well, the bad thing was I won the other one too (with the only bid that I put in) . YIKES! I had to tell Tommy I won two bids on two COACH bags in one day! YIKES!!!!! He was not to happy. He laughed though (thank God) I guess the smaller one I will re list on eBay. LOL!!!! I think I finally went to bed around 1:30am.

I was sad the see that the South Carolina Gamecocks won last hoo... Now for the TIGERS to win!!! GO CLEMSON!!!

Had a miracle last night. Bleeze slept through the night for the 4th time in his life! WOO HOO!!!!! I wish it would start to be an every night thing. Eli has slept through the night since he was 2 weeks old. I guess Bleeze takes after me being light sleeper and an insomniac (is that a word?)

So today, I have work to do...uggh... then I have to run a few errands also. We are going on our family date night tonight. EXCITED! I don't know yet what we are going to do but it will be something we all will enjoy though. So for now.... I hope that everyone has a great weekend!

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