Saturday, August 30, 2008

I think I will become a Japanese chef...LOL!

Last night we took the boys to Miyabi Japanese restaurant. I think I will become a chef. LOL! there is no way I could do that. I feel like I have made a major accomplishment if I flip a pancake without it fall apart or manage to flip an egg without it busting. LOL! Neverthe less, the boys had a blast. Bleeze was the funny one. I don't think we had been since he was very young. He just sat there watching with his little mouth wide open. He was precious. He ate the meat only though. Forget the veggies and rice he said they were "istqusting" (distusting) He fed them to my Dad. LOL!

After dinner we went to the mall to get batteries from Radio Shack for Eli's remote control cars. That meant I must take a trip to Ann Taylor. Got a cute skirt for $9.44 Woot Woot!!!! My mom got the awesome deal though a 168.00 dress for 19.99. It is black and can be worn year round....AWESOME!!! Once we were home I let the boys sit up late and watch College Road Trip. It was such a cute movie. I cried. Bleeze looked at me at the end and said, "I will always love mommy" awwww...such a sweet boy.

So it is Labor Day weekend. We are still trying to decide on our plans. Should make some final decisions in the next little bit. The house is actually quiet right now. The boys are out playing in the yard and Tommy is mowing the lawn. Peace, peace! LOL! Well, I am going to get off here and do some housework. I have to decide what to do with the rest of the day...maybe we will grill out tonight for dinner or maybe I will give at try and do some fancy Japanese dinner. LOL!!!!!! I think the hotdogs on the grill will be the choice. Hope everyone has an awesome Labor Day weekend.

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