Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Holiday Weekend....ahhh...now to get into a new routine!

The weekend was nice. Saturday we hung out here at the house doing odds and ends. We grilled out Saturday night and enjoyed some yummy hot dogs! Tommy rented some movies and we watched them. I actually fell asleep and missed the end of the of the one we were watching...drill bit something... Tommy had to wake me up to go to bed.

Sunday was church. The sermon was amazing. Exactly what I had been needing. A sermon on Fear. Oh! It was great. Jill I am going to send you the link so that you can listen to it after your blog last week. It was great. Second service we taught our little class. They are so cute. I just love them so much already. Tommy is having fun too. They just crack me up with their little responses each week.

After church we grilled out at my parents. YUMMY TURKEY BURGERS!!! Despite my issues I am having with meat right now I am still loving me some turkey burgers. We had dinner with Tim and Kim and their kiddos Sunday night. Stevie B's ROCKS when you have kiddos. It was nice to go out with them!

Labor Day...lets just say that Tommy and I took it to heart. We did absolutely NOTHING!!! We laid around and ate fat free chips and dip, watched some marathon on the History channel about Alaska. Let's just say I don't think I want to live there. We also kept flipping back and forth from CNN, FOX, and the weather channel following up on Gustav. So glad everyone seems to be ok. Now to worry about Hanna headed for us... UUGGHHH! I was thrilled to hear that my bro and his family were good, Jessica and Brandon and their kiddos, and Dawn (3b's) and her family. Man I was praying for them like crazy!!!

Eli had soccer practice last night so we were going to dinner and Bleeze pitched a fit wanting to stay home (he can be a homebody sometimes) So, he stayed with my parents while we went to eat at Red Lobster. OH SO YUMMY! However, I did have a meat attack while eating. The longer I ate those shrimp the bigger they got. I almost died. I normally LOVE shrimp. I ended up giving them all to Tommy! This is crazy! I see meat becoming extinct for me very soon. But those crazy cheese biscuits were worth going any day! LOL! OH! I got my season premier of One Tree Hill. It is such a "teens" show but I LOVE IT! I am just wondering if the entire Lucas and Payton thing will last. I am waiting on a plane crash, car wreck, something... it has to happen..it always does.

So today, Bagwell Elementary is open for business. We started home school. Bleeze did really good with his little K3 curriculum and Eli well... he's Eli. He has to ask a million questions. I mean, that's good but LORD HAVE MERCY!!! It drives me insane sometimes. He did good too. These first few weeks are always just review. So, that is good!

We just made an attempt to have lunch out on the patio but the flies are horrible here. I think it is a neighbors compost box two houses down. I mean, I am all about saving the planet but good grief....this is ridiculous. It makes it hard on everyone. I was literally afraid the flies were going to carry poor little Bleeze away. hehe!! We made a run back inside. It is so gross! Just finished up lunch and gave Eli a break. We have a little more school work to do today. Then I am off to clean this house.ugghh.. Tonight is kids date night. Every Tuesday Tommy and I rotate the boys and take them and do something individually with them. Tonight I get Eli and Tommy gets Bleeze. So I have to come up with something for me and my little guy to do. And tonight, I am going back to my teens...90210 comes on... OH HOW I LOVED THAT SHOW! I just want to see the general theme. I will probably get hooked on the stupid show like One Tree Hill. LOL!!! I did read in a magazine that it will have some pretty controversial subjects and in the first 8 seconds of the show you will question "is this allowed on tv?" humm....wonder what that is all about???

So for now, hope everyone had a great holiday weekend... Hope you all having an amazing week... off to do my job...mom, wife, teacher,housekeeper,event planner, chef... etc. LOL!!! LOVE TO YOU ALL!!!

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