Monday, September 29, 2008

Quick Update

I am still busy right now. I am going to to just do a quick update and hit the highlights!
* Had lunch w/ Tommy on Thursday, that is always a nice treat.
* I was very upset to learn that my sweet little friend Hannah was the hospital not feeling well!
*Praising God that she is healed and all better now.
* Been praying for baby Ava all week that she will get better soon. (i've missed her this week)
* Praying for Brandi that her nerves will be okay to make it through whatever is wrong with sweet Ava.
* Was glad to finally talk to Candy!!!!!!! Glad we are getting together this week!
* Drove to Greenwood on Friday for Tommy (in the rain)! ugghhh!
* Had family date night Friday night. Took the boys to eat at Rafferty's and then went to the mall.
*Experienced a miracle at the mall..... we left only buying cookies from the "cookie place" LOL!!!*Cleaned house all day Saturday.
*Had an awesome time with Tim and Kim at Arizonia on Saturday night. Thought the movie Eagle Eye was pretty good. (Thanks Tammy and Tony for watching the monkeys for us)
* Went to church yesterday of course!!! Loved me some Bill White teaching!!!
* My class rocked as always yesterday at Grace. I love my little class! They are precious.
* Had an awesome lunch yesterday with my parents as always.
* Eli had soccer pics yesterday. He is so tall now he had to stand at the back! He is the tallest kiddo on the team.
* Had dinner at Pete's with my parents. My monkeys (two boys) were wild as could be.
* Next time I say I am going to Walmart at 8pm w/ two wild monkey someone stop me! LOL!
* Went to walmart bought some groceries with two wild monkeys! LOL!!!!!!
* Watched Desperate Housewives. Pretty good! I am ready to see what is going on?!?!?!?!
*Speaking of TV- I cried a river watching ER's season premier. Oh my! Why did they let Prat die????????? BOO HOO!!!!!! and then Grey's was the same old drama as always. Funny, but same old same old! I hope that army dude comes back!!!!
* Okay, so that is a run down. This week is FULL too! I have a hair appointment today. YAY!!! I look like an old lady with all my grey showing. Got go let Alicia wash that grey right out of my hair. LOL!
* Hope everyone has an awesome week!!!!

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