Monday, September 15, 2008

the past few days....

The past few days have been busy but great! I will give you the highlights....
* I really enjoyed my cake decorating class. It was so much fun! I can't wait for this week.
* Thursday was good. Eli had his 2nd one-on-one with his tennis instructor. He did amazing and they moved him up a level. He starts with the group sessions this week and he went in a level higher than expected. YAY!!!!
* Went to Coffee Connection at Grace on Thursday night. It was awesome as always. My heart is always so blessed. I wrote about the highlights of it in my previous blog. I can't wait for the weekly study to start next week! YAY!!!
* I was SO busy on Friday. I felt like we were in the van half the day. I had errands to run and it was just crazy. I had to meet up with builders and other contractors for Tommy and it was just wild. We picked up my sweet niece Lexi to spend the night with us. The kiddos had fun. It was our family date night but they all agreed they wanted to stay home and order pizza. So that was what we did. They created a tent that took up Eli's entire room that included an actual tent in the middle of the room. At 11pm Bleeze came into my room and said, "I've had enough, I am ready to go to sleep." He climbed his sweet little booty up into my bed and fell right to sleep. LOL! A coworker of Tommy's was staying the weekend with us so he new he got to sleep with me the entire night. LOL!!!!
* Saturday morning was the normal....Eli had soccer. They played Okay....they all acted really tired for some reason. Eli was tired from staying up half the night playing with Lexi. We came home for Eli to take a shower and then met my parents for lunch. YUMMY El Jalisco! Then I brought all three kids home, turned off the lights, turned on the fans, and we settled in for an afternoon movie. We watched Nim's Island. It was okay. Not great! I thought the ending stunk!
After the movie the kids just laid around the late night and the heat from Eli's game had knocked the for a loop! LOL! I took the kids to Tony and Tammy's (Papa & Nana's) to spend sometime while we worked on Ava's bday party! Brandi and I had so much fun hanging out and getting everything ready for the party!!! Nothing like Zaxby's in the car! lol! It turned out amazing...(get to that in a minute)
I got the boys home and bed around midnight and then did some work here around the house. I think that I got to go to bed around 2am.
* Yesterday was great! Church, awesome as always. I am loving this series. Living Biblically Oriented. It ROCKS! After church I headed to help my sweet friend Brandi get ready for the most amazing one year old party ever! It was beautiful! Brandi, the cake was amazing! I have pics but I left my camera at Brandi's so I will have to post some pics later! After the party it was lesson plans for me! I had to get this weeks school set up for Eli. We went to Wendy's last night for dinner. I had a Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger. Yes me, I splurged, had some fatty foods and I also had meat! LOL! It was awesome.....LOL!!!!! Don't forget the fries with loads of ketchup too! My boys were amazed that Chris had 5 double jr.cheeseburgers! LOL!!! (I have to admit I was amazed too)
* Last night we ALL went to bed early. We were all exhausted.
* So today is Monday, it all starts over. This morning I have been doing laundry. I allowed Eli to sleep late and then we are going to do school in the afternoon today. (oh the joys of homeschooling) Then this afternoon I plan on cooking for my family and then taking Eli to soccer. I have to run a couple of errands sometime today too! So for now. I am off to clean, educate, and do some work on my book! Hope you all have an amazing week!!!

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