Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wow...Wednesday already?!?!?!?!?!

I can't believe that it is Wednesday already. I have been crazy this week. This morning I am feeling groggy. Bleeze has decided to be an early riser the past few days. That's okay because he takes his nap good in the afternoon! Let' see, what has been going on this week.
Monday was the usual getting back in the homeschool groove thing and then Eli had soccer practice on Monday night. I dropped him off and then Bleeze and I had to run to the post office. When we got back to the fields I asked him if he wanted to play on the playground and he said, "I love you, I love you, I love you," SO FUNNY! We played and then we walked for some exercise. He walked a really long way! I was proud of him.

Yesterday morning was rise and shine for me. I had to wait on the cable guy! We switched from satellite to cable a few weeks ago and good grief it has been a pain in the neck! The cable company has had to come back several times. I think we are straight now though! Last night was date night. It was my week with Bleeze. He wanted to eat at the "pizza place" which is what he calls Pizza Inn buffet. We had fun eating and chatting and then I took him to the Dollar Tree for 5 surprises. He LOVES to do that. It is amazing how happy that makes him. He thinks he is big and gets his on little basket and shops. SO CUTE! Best $5 spend ever! Then we headed home. I ran by Walmart too but that is an entire different story that I do not have the energy to blog about. Let's just say the return item procedure is ridiculous and I let them know it! I hate waiting in line twice!!!! ugghhh!!!! Eli enjoyed his time with Tommy. They went to ride go-carts at Frankie's!

Oh my.... I just realized that Dora's mom is having a baby today! They are trying to get home quickly. LOL! Bleeze is so into it!

I am reading the book FRESH WIND FRESH FIRE by Jim Cymbala AGAIN! That books rocks my world. It is funny because the first time I read it I was required to read it by a pastor I was on staff with. I basically just read it, enjoyed it and that was it. This time the book is speaking to my spirit! I love it!

If you have kiddos you have to check out Seeds Family Worship if you haven't already. It ROCKS! I ordered more CD's today! Great way to get the scripture in them!!!

So today is going to be good. I just know it. I made my cupcakes for cake class last night and I have class tonight. Eli has soccer and well... you know the normal chaos! So for now, I am off to educate my children and make cake icing. Hope everyone has a rockin day!

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