Monday, September 8, 2008

Monday Madness

Today has been crazy as usual. The weekend was great. Let's see where do I start? Friday morning I ran some errands and then the boys and I joined Tammy and Lexi for a trip to Sky Top Orchard for some apple picking. The boys had such a good time. I think I would rather freeze than burn up though. Last time we froze to death, this time we burnt up! LOL! It was fun and we enjoyed it! It is so pretty up there! I have tons of apples but lucky for me, my Rachel Ray magazine came today with recipes in for apples. YAY!

Friday night was our date night. We went to California Dreaming and then met up with our buds the Wards. We had sooooo much fun. We went to Barley's and played darts. I have to say that I had a blast. I am not the best hit. See the attached pictures. LOL! I knocked the numbers down. Then we were off for dessert at Wild Wings and to watch the old peeps dance. LOL!!! I laughed until I hurt! We have to do it again soon!

Saturday morning we had breakfast with my parents. YUMMY!!! Homemade pancakes!!!!!! Then we were off to Eli's first soccer game of the season. I have to say that they ROCKED! They played an older much more advance team and beat the socks off of them!!! YAY VIPERS!!!

Sunday was amazing! We had church which was great! I am attaching part of Brandi's blog here because she wrote about and she is right on the money.
We are starting a new series on Biblically Oriented (which is one of Grace's core values). Matt was saying how we need to feed ourselves as well as get fed by others. A lot of times we just get fed at church and that is it!!! If you feed yourself during the don't have to keep going to church all week long to get fed again! such a great point!!! He also was saying what would it be like if there was a famine of God's word like there is of food? We have to have food or we would just stagger around. What if God's word was not present? Where would the truth be? You would just have to keep trying to fill that void with other things that wouldn't satisfy you! We do that anyways like there is a famine!!!! WAKE UP!!! We are supposed to get into the word like we are babies and it is the purest of our mother's milk (this is in the Bible). We just HAVE to have it to grow. If a baby has not gained weight at it's check up then something is wrong and it's not being fed.

So I couldn't have said it better. It was great. We went to our little class. They were precious as usual. After church we had an amazing meal with my parents. I went home to straighten our messy house. I even got in a 20 minute nap. YAY me! Then we were off to Eli's soccer game. Thank God he doesn't have too many on Sunday this season but yesterday was one of them. They played REALLY well again and lost by one goal. However, I do believe that it is being challenged by the coaches. After the game my parents, Tammy, Tony, Lexi and our family went to Moe's for dinner. It was yummy! Eli loved having both sets of grandparents there. Thanks to everyone for coming out and supporting him. He loves it!!!!

When we got home, I got the boys in bed and did some work. Tommy went to work out and then we sat up until after 1am talking about life and where we feel like God is taking us. Please pray for us as we feel God directing us and telling us the path he would have us to take. He is an amazing God and I know that he has BIG things for Tommy, the boys and me!!!!

That was our weekend. Crazy as usual but good. Looking forward to a good week. I had errands to run today between homeschooling and everything else. I had to go pay for my cake decorating class that I am taking with my bestie! :O) It is going to be so much fun! I can't wait! We actually go to have lunch with Tommy today. Made GNC and Walmart run and now I am just cleaning up some and taking it easy. Eli has soccer practice in a bit.

About the Bible Study. Things seems to be crazy for everyone right now. I am really wanting everyone to be there. I have moved it to the first Saturday morning of each month and will be held at Perkins on Woodruff Road in Greenville. Please everyone try to come! It will be 7:30-8:30 am. You can come in your pj's if you like! This will give everyone the chance to get up, do the study and head out to be with your families, go to ball games, etc. I hope everyone will try to come! Remember we are doing THE CROSS CENTERED LIFE. Get your book, read the first chapter and be there October 5th at 7:30. You can make it! I will be out at the Michael Buble concert the night before so JUST DO IT!!!

This week is going to be good got lots going on with the kiddos, cake making, getting ready for baby Ava's bday this weekend, chic affair promoting, coffee connection at grace, and soccer games! Hope everyone has a blessed week!!!! I'm outta here!!!

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