Thursday, September 4, 2008


The past two days have been really crazy. We have been swamped. Homeschooling has been good. It always takes a couple of weeks to get back into the swing of things.

Tuesday evening was date night. We have a deal where we alternate boys for date night. One week I take Bleeze the next Eli. The boys think it is fun and they are always excited to tell the other one what they did. So, this week Tommy had an appointment so we just did dinner their choice. This week was my week with Eli. He chose El Jalisco. I did not mind since that is one of my favorites. We went sat and talked. He is growing up SO fast. He is almost taller than me and he will be 10 in just a few months. I see him towering over me when he 12. I am extremely short but still. He is getting big fast. It makes me kinda sad. We had dinner then we rode to the tennis courts so he could see the new courts they are building and then to the store. He got a new pair of sunglasses. LOL! (the were$2) hehe.

We met Tommy and picked up Bleeze from him so that he could go to his appointment. LOL! I think Tommy was jealous. Bleeze chose McDonald's. LOL! He knows I will not take him there very often. ugghh! He also took him to the Dollar General for ring pops and a whistle. It is those little moments our boys are going to remember forever. The little things! I love them so much. I cherish those little moments with them. I look around and see kids that I taught preschool all grown up! Time flies!

Yesterday was crazy!!!! We home schooled and then the craziness started. I had to run an errand for Tommy is Spartanburg so I had to drive there. We were supposed to go to DICKS for a new tennis racket but I decided since I was in Spartanburg to go to ACADEMY. OMG!!! That store rocks. We went for tennis racket and new soccer cleats. We were in there 2 hours. The boys LOVED IT! We managed to get what we needed and Bleeze go those God awful light up shoes. I HATE THEM WITH A PASSION! Hey though... they make little kids happy. He loves his CARS light up shoes. I think I went in the bathroom 50 times yesterday (because there is not window in there and it is dark) to watch him stomp. LOL!

After that adventure Eli headed to tennis. He did really well. In fact, they want to move him up out of the beginner class. He had not be on the court in 3 years so I was surprised. He ROCKED!!! I love the club house there. It has nice big rocking chairs for the parents to watch. Bleeze played and chatted with another mom. He informed her that I was old and fat! UGGHHH! So much for the 20 pounds I've lost. I thought I would die!

After that ran through fast food drive thru---ugghhh!!!! Then we rested a bit and headed to soccer. Eli is SO glad to be back on his old team. That year away from them was torture. While he was at soccer Bleeze and I went to buy groceries. He did good. I let him walk and helped. He was so cute. He would say...."oh...we need this" every five minutes..oops I mean seconds...LOL!

I took the boys to the pool last night to help them wind down. It was too cold though. They both turned into blue popsicles. Got them into bed and then I watched the RNC! OH MY GOODNESS! I am loving me some Sarah Palin! She ROCKS! I wish I was smart as her! I guess it is no secret who I am voting for this election. LOL! So that is our life the past few days. Today we are homeschooling and the boys have a play date this afternoon. Then tomorrow we have to take Oreo (the dog) to get spayed POOR DOG!!! Then I think we are headed to the Apple Farm. That should be fun! So I have to get busy now. I have some errands to run too so I have to get everything together..............peace out!!!

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