Friday, September 19, 2008

been too busy to blog

I have been too busy to blog this week. Things have been wild! Monday night Eli had soccer. While he was there Bleeze and I went to Hobby Lobby to pick up some things I need for cake class. A horrible storm came while we were in there so I zoomed back to the soccer fields. They were okay it did not storm at that part of town just rain and they played in it! Eli was soaked. He thought it was cool though.

Tuesday was good. We homeschooled most of the day. Eli is really into some of his work right now. (I am thrilled) We had our weekly date night Tuesday night. It was my week with Eli. Before we left, Tommy gave Eli a special treat. He bought him a new Bible. He loves it. It is "God's Word for Boys" He has been reading it all week. The language is so easy for him and he is loving it. It is helping with his ROAD MAP he is doing for church. So, Eli and I set out for our date. We went to Hobby Lobby for more cake goodies, then chickfila for dinner, and then we went to the mall. He is getting SO big. He wants all the latest clothes. He tickles me to death. We had fun shopping. We walked by Build-a-Bear. There was the cutest little boy getting ready to make his wish at the stuffing machine. IT WAS BLEEZE! LOL! That was where Tommy took him for their date night. LOL! We watched quietly and then went away. It was our night! We shared a yummy pretzel from Pretzel Time. We got several good deals. My favorite deal was my $98 pants at Ann Taylor for 3.99!!!! WOOT WOOT!!!! Eli was tickled to get a WEBKINZ for half off too. After the mall we went to TJMAX! ugghhh... they had absolutely nothing!

Wednesday was crazy. I made cake and cake icing all afternoon. I even found icing in my ear LOL!!!! We had fun at cake class. My Rainbow Bright (LOL! Brandi) was yummy on the inside.

Yesterday I spent the morning homeschooling. Re-doing my myspace page and then cleaned the house. Eli had tennis yesterday afternoon, then we met Tommy at Panera for dinner and went to Target.

Last night Brandi and I went to my parents to learn how to make paper flowers for Anna's bday party! We had fun! I came home and made flowers too! LOL! Okay, so last night I fell asleep and then all of a sudden I heard the alarm clock go off. I rolled over and looked and it was 6:45!!! WHAT!!!!! BLEEZE WAS NOT IN MY BED!I slept a complete night with no interruptions and I did not wake up. HOLY COW!!!! It is a miracle!!!!!!!! I got up and looked and he was snug as a bug in a rug sleeping away! He came to me about 7:15 and asked for juice and went back to sleep until just now!!! THAT STINKIN ROCKS!!!

So now I am off to homeschool. After homeschool we are going to help Brandi set up for Fairy Princess Anna's bday party. Bleeze is SO excited about going to it! Then this afternoon is the party! YAY!!!!

Speaking of parties... you all need to look us up when you are planning your next!

This weekend should be good. We have no soccer games! I have my date night with Tommy this week! YAY!! We are going out Saturday night this week! Hope everyone has had an awesome week and has an awesome weekend!!!!

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