Saturday, August 9, 2008

Little notes of interest....

* Still busy

* Had such a fun time with Brandi at El Jalisco for lunch yesterday! The kiddos were funny. Bleeze was so tired he was crazy. He crashed literally 2 mintues after we got in the car.

* Target Rocks....Bought me a dress from the little girl department! LOL!!! It's so cute. Being short can be a good thing I guess.

* Eli spent an hour and half picking out the "perfect" gift for his little friend Cameron for her birthday. They have been stuck together like glue this summer. She is only here every other week so he misses her like crazy on those off weeks.

* Made an awesome dinner last night. It was really good. I love it when EVERYONE likes it.
* Had a long, long talk with Tommy last night about life. Interesting...................................

* Went to put the boys to bed last night and Bleeze had a breakdown wanting to spend the night with my parents. He won! At 9:30 we were taking them to their house. They were sleeping at 10. TTommy and I went walking at 11pm last night. Walked two miles! YAY!!! Did more "life" talking along the way. I will share more in some individual blogs later.

* Met Brandi for some "work" this morning. I just love working from Starbucks despite the frigid conditons...LOL! Girl, chic affair ROCKS!!!!

* Took my sweet boys to Chickfila today for lunch. ( I am so glad that Bleeze is past the hating chickfila)

* The boys had a blast at Cameron's bday party. I however, was worn out when it was over. Walking the skating rink with Bleeze trying to skate is a work out!!!

* Tommy just came in from a LONG days work! He is tired and hungry. I am going to give him some extra TLC!!! LOL! We are going to eat and then he is going to take Eli to the movies. I am going to go grocery shopping I think.

* So for now...can't wait until tomorrow. CHURCH!!!! YAY! I can't wait to hear tomorrow's message. I know that it is something I am going to need! Message title: GOD IS JUST!!!!!!

* I leave you now with a quote from a dear friend of mine..."WORDS ARE SEEDS. WHAT ARE YOU PLANTING?"

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