Saturday, June 20, 2009

Made it home....

Well, we made it. It wasnt horrible. Just a few arguements! LOL! I am not one on riding. I hate it! I think it is from all my childhood riding adventures to different COG events. LOL! Despite the ride we had a very peaceful time. A nice vaca away from the normal. I came home to a newly painted upstairs. Now to get new bedding and furniture that will all match. My garden looks beautiful too! Looks like we are going to have some fresh veggies this week to eat! My boys need it after vacation. Eli had lost weight from being sick. He gained it all back but one pound. Bleeze gained 1 pound. I have weighed in yet... I don't want to know. Tommy says he gained 8 pounds. LOL!!! The sad thing about it is the way Tommy eats and works out. Those 8 pounds will be gone in 2 days. It takes me a week to loose that much. LOL!

I am beat. I am going to bed. Bleeze and I went to pick up some Father's Day gifts tonight. He was so sweet. He wanted to buy everything green because he knows that is Tommy's favorite color (and his). So for now, glad to be home!!!! Going to sleep in my bed.

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