Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursdays Update

Today was such a fun day. I did some work this morning and then I took my sweet Bleeze to ToysRUs to use his gift cards he got for his birthday. He was so sweet. Eli spent the night with Nanny Mary last night so he missed out on the trip. He had such a hard time deciding what he wanted to get. We literally looked at EVERYTHING in the store. He chose a grocery cart with pretend boxed food and a Charlie Brown and Snoopy Shirt playing baseball that says, "I am a Catch". How cute is that! He enjoyed the ride when we left the store too.

After Toys R Us we headed to the mall. We had fun looking around and enjoyed meeting my brother, sisterinlaw, and cousin for lunch in the food court. Of course no trip to the mall is complete without a cookie from the Great American Cookie Co. (I did not have one, but Bleeze enjoyed his with the M&M's on it).

Then I was off to take Bleeze to spend some time with Nanny Mary too. I dropped a sleepy boy off for some fun and then I headed to the Simpsonville Chamber of Commerce to sign up the LOOM and then to the LOOM to meet with a future bride. GREAT AFTERNOON!

I also got to have a date with my man. We went to Chili's and then back to the mall. (Wow the mall twice in one day) I actually bought very little today. Just one dress for me (on sale of course and the boys some shirts and shorts) We went back tonight because I saw some shorts for Tommy and he went to check them out and then he bought me another dress. How sweet! We picked the boys up and headed home for baths and of course some pretend grocery shopping.

I have baking a cake tonight. I am still not finished but I am going to have to get up around 6 and go to the store to buy more baking supplies. We need a ton of layers and I ran out. It is storming right now and I do not want to go out in it.

Busy day tomorrow starting bright and early, so I am signing off and going to bed...Good night!

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Kennagurl said...

You are one busy lady ! What a sweet family you have :)