Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sweet Sunday...

Captured this picture with my cell phone leaving church Today. I was thought it was so sweet!!! Church rocked today. I have missed being there the past two Sundays. The first week we were on vacation and the next week I went to church with my Dad for Father's Day. I am so glad that we are doing the book of Psalms. It is one of my all time favorites! This is going to rock this summer!

After church we went to Southern Fried Green Tomatoes with the Wards. It was so yumm! I LOVE their biscuits. Not something you need to eat when trying to loose weight but nevertheless, it is still so yummy!

Spent the afternoon doing some work for the LOOM! Then I also made a run to Target. I took Bleeze with me because he had some cash burning a hole in his pocket. He is so precious. I just love to hang out with him. He makes me smile all the time. I will share some of his funnies later!
Eli decided to hang out with hid Dad on a job and help dump his truck. Tommy had to work some today so that stinks!

We had pizza for dinner when Tommy was through for SLEEP!

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