Friday, June 26, 2009

Super Saturday...

Today was pretty awesome. I actually slept in and then we headed to the pool with the Ward girls. The boys had so much fun. It was nice to just chillax! I enjoyed hanging out with Cindy and Dean too! THANKS FOR LUNCH CINDY!!! I will pay you back! After some chill time we went to the grocery store and then we headed home. The boys were ready to play outside some. The boys played outside and I made a pretty yummy dinner if I say so myself. We had stir fry with all the fresh veggies from my garden and I made Chinese Cole slaw too! It is so good.

After dinner I visited with my family for a bit. Eric and Jessica are headed back to NC and to the beach for a week so I will have to wait to see them again for another week. Pretty soon they will be back home to TX and then Lord only knows when we will see them.

Enjoy the pics from the to get up early for church in the morning.

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