Monday, June 29, 2009

Today was hectic but good. I worked from the time I got up until late this afternoon. I got a lot done for the LOOM. I am so excited about everything. It seems to really be coming together. We can't wait to get everything finished so that we can be open for business. Check out our website and also check our facebook out for upcoming open houses and our GRAND OPENING also!

I also made a cake today. Lisa, I am so sorry it melted on the way...LOL! I am glad you guys liked it. I can't believe Jake is 14. BoyI am getting OLD!!!

I cooked dinner tonight. I cooked some fresh green beans and fried zucchini from our garden with our chicken. It was so good. I love me some fresh veggies lately!

Tonight I took the boys to the pool. I promised them if they let me get my work done this morning I would treat them with a night swim. They had fun with their friends and it gave me the opportunity to clip my coupons. LOL!

Came home to do more dishes...LOL! Then I had some snuggle time with my sweet Bleeze. We snapped some pics... I look a mess....Don't laugh...Can't believe I am even posting pics of me with no makeup! LOL! So for now... I am going to bed! I am soooo tired! I have a ton of work this week to do! Good night!

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