Sunday, June 21, 2009

father's day fun

Father's Day was good. We enjoyed church with my family at my parents church. I am sure my Dad loved having all his kids and grandkids in service with him today. I did enjoy the service but I have to admit that I have missed being at Grace missing two weeks in a row. After church we went to my parents for lunch. Yummy bbq. The kids had fun playing. Got some cute pics. Then I watched Madea Goes To Jail. OMG! I laughed so much. Tyler Perry ROCKS!!!! This afternoon I spent some time with my sweetheart and then his mom and Jeff came over. Tommy had to measure a job and was not hungry from his huge bbq lunch so the boys and I went to dinner with Mary and Jeff. It was not as hot tonight so I was able to sit outside with the boys while they played a bit. Tonight I clipped coupons and hung out with Bleeze. He would wait for me to clip to coupon and he looked at me so sweet and said, "Am I being patient?" He is so awesome!!!

Hope to take a trip to the zoo in the morning with Eric, Jessica, and Makenzie. This week is Jammed pack! Lots of meetings and decisions to be made about the LOOM this week! So for now, gotta catch some ZZZ's! Happy Week to all!!!

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