Friday, June 26, 2009

Fab Friday...

Friday was pretty fabulous! LOL! Started out with Carnival Show that Brandi and I HAD to attend. LOL!!!!!!! Brandi girl, our Friday morning has to go in the record book for one of our crazy adventures. That was something else!

Then I was off to run errands and then pick up some lunch for Brandi, her girls and my boys (and don't forget me) We had a fun afternoon working on one of our last cakes. We still do some but Sophisticakes is going out of business due to the LOOM! It is going to take our cake baking time! The cake is the cake above and it is precious! It is for a Mad Hatter party! We had fun making it.

Brandi and I managed to get some dinner with her two hubby's and kiddos at good old El Jalisco at Five Forks! I had not been there in AGES!!!! It was so yummy to have my Arroz Con Pollo! It was really good with that Margarita! Then we were off to deliver the cake and have some fun! Let me say, there are some strange things out late at night. Just check the local Walmart or the line at Krispy Kreme for the Hot-N-Now!!! LOL!!! We had a good time!

Came home to this picture tonight..... my two precious boys and the dog....sound a sleep on the couch....precious! (Eli's catching flies with his mouth) LOL!

So thankful for a FAB FRIDAY!!!!!!


Tammy Bagwell said...

That's funny... Tony and Lexi both sleep with their mouths open! LOL (Must run in the family.)

The Real Me! said...

I just wanted to pop by and say hello. And then I saw this cake and it's gorgeous. My best friend loves to decorate cakes as well. All I can say is that I benefit from having a best friend that can decorate cakes! LOL. I bet your friends do to, huh?
Have a blessed day today!