Monday, June 22, 2009

Today was such a Monday

Everyone go eat at Stella's the food is truly amazing!!!

Today really was such a Monday. I have been super busy. Can't complain though. I managed to get a ton accomplished. I got the entire house cleaned today, went to several business meetings, managed to get my kids to a trip to the zoo, pick them up and take them to spend some time with Nanny Mary, had dinner with my hubby at FANTASTIC STELLA's in Simpsonville. If you are local I encourage you to go. They are awesome. I also made a late night grocery run to Walmart. It was a must. We were out of EVERYTHING! Tommorow is going to be just a crazy. But that is okay. I like busy. I think I actually function better under pressure. So for now. It is 1:42 am and I am exhausted. I have to be up in just a few hours to go for a run.

Good night!!!!

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