Friday, June 12, 2009 more day... we are on vacation!!!!

Today I have been running like crazy, errands, cupcakes, cakes, etc. Not to mention all of the excitement with the LOOM. A huge thanks to Cindy for making our new sign and mulching our beds. You can see the place literally coming to "life". Brandi and I have been really busy meeting with clients, organzing some exciting events, not to mention organzing construction, etc. I had lunch yesterday with Brandi, Tammy, and my sisterinlaw Jessica. We went ot Stella's in Simpsonville. I highly recommend this place. It was amazing. I really, really enjoyed my shrimp and grits and the pulled pork spring rolls were to die for! Tonight we help Kim celebrate her 40th birthday. I had fun and it was great being with old friends! Hope everyone is doing awesome I will be awesome come tomorrow! We leave for Sanibel Island, Flrida. I can't wait!

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