Monday, July 6, 2009

sweet sunday.....

Sundays are always good. I just love to go to worship at Grace. My spirits are always uplifted and today was no different. Church was amazing as always! After church we did some shopping and lunch at S&S cafeteria (they boys LOVE that place). I was so excited that Tommy finished painting our stairs and bathrooms this weekend. They are looking good. We went furniture shopping and also got a new flat screen for our bedroom. I am in love with it! I also love my new bedding for bedroom. It looks awesome!!! Found an awesome picture that described Brandi and I perfect. "Sophisticated Services" we are so going to find somewhere to put this picture. Got a new table for our kitchen nook too!

We had so much fun tonight with Julie! It was so good just to get together and hang out! I have missed her and I loved hanging out. We are going to do again soon!

Tomorrow is the beginning of yet another crazy week....going to crash now! Hope everyone's week is full of awesome!

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