Saturday, August 1, 2009


So this week we have worked our fannies off! LOL! I could never say thank you enough to of course Brandi, but John, Tommy, Dean, my parents, Ken and Charlene Ward and of course "wonderwoman" Cindy. I don't see how she does it. She is the energizer bunny! She also can do ANYTHING!!!! So, most of our days and nights have been spent working on the LOOM. Eli has made him some spending money this week babysitting. He has been AWESOME!!!God love him, he reminds me of myself so much. He has everything organized and scheduled out for the kiddos down to snack and crafts. LOL!!!

We are 14 days away from the OPEN HOUSE! Holy Cow, I cannot believe I just typed that. 14 DAYS!!! WHAT??? Well, it is going to be AWESOME! I for one cannot wait.

Tommy rode his motorcycle down to the LOOM this morning. God loved him. He worked all day down there. I don't think he has had a day off in 2months. He is beat. So, his trip home has turned into a joy motorcle with Shane M. and my nerves are shot. I feel like Tori! LOL! I am a nervous wreck! All I can do is pray! I will say he looks pretty hot on it though. LOL!

I went to church tonight with Brandi to help her with her little class. They were so cute! All girls one boy (Bleeze) LOL! I guess I will go back in the morning for first service before doing more work at the LOOM.

Eli got to go on a playdate with a new friend today. He had fun and Bleeze got a new "big" boy car seat. He LOVES it! He is so cute in it. OH>>>> Tommy crashed the side of my van in yesterday! UGGGHHHHH!!!! He hit a fire hydrate. I guess that is going to have to get fixed this week. I for one am in favor of a new one. LOL! bad the government ran out of "cash for clunkers" LOL!!!!! (just kidding) my van is not a clunker!

Oh me, my sweet Bleeze is in dreamland now and I so want to be also. LOL! I am going to wait on my sexy, motorcycle riding man to get home though. LOL! I hope everyone is doing well and has a great night and rest of the weekend. Hope you all plan to be at the Open House at the LOOM. August 15th from 6-9pm!

Good night! XOXO

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