Saturday, August 22, 2009

Happy Anniverary....not so happy ending....

Today started wonderful. My sweetheart and I headed up to Asheville to the Biltmore House for our 13th wedding anniversary. We had breakfast at the Moose Cafe. It was wonderful!!! So yummy. I just love Asheville, the view that conservative values really do not fit in there.

We had so much fun at the Biltmore House. WE have been before, we always learn something new everytime we go. I love it. We splurged and did the rooftop tour also. It was very interesting.

We enjoyed ice cream from the creamery. It was such a great time. Then it happend. I started feeling REALLY sick. It was horrible. I do not believe I have ever been that sick before. In 13 years of marriage I have never tossed my cookies in front of Tommy. Well... so much for that. On the ride home I had my head hung out the window twice tossing my ice cream and everything else. It was horrid.
I felt sooo bad. Tommy had planned such a special day and evening and I kinda ruined it. Oh well... Sorry my sweet man!

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