Monday, March 15, 2010

Marvelous Monday!

Well, I can't complain today! We had a good weekend. One peaceful weekend before a lot of chaos starts at re the LOOM. We are booked like crazy. Yesterday we went to church where Bill White did an excellent job teaching yesterday! I LOVED the message on the Ten Commandments! We enjoyed our usual Bojangles breakfast and then a trip to the mall. I watched the Michael Buble concert from Madison Square Garden. I was just imagining I was there. LOL! Then Bleeze and I took a little trip to the grocery store!

Today has been good. My sweet Eli got his braces! He looks adorable. It looks like he has a good long road ahead of him in the brace face world. I love the fact that he is seeing my orthodontist too. It was too has been 20 years since I saw him...(UGH telling my age, and boy, I'm getting old) However, he hasn't changed a bit!

We spent the afternoon homeschooling where I learned some things in history that I did not know. LOL!

Tonight, I cooked some dinner and enjoyed a windy walk with my hubby while the boys went to watch a movie at my parents.

So for now... here is some grateful heart and I am off to dream land. This time change is killer!

1. Grateful for such a powerful message at church on Sunday! Really got my thinking cap going.

2. Bojangle Breakfast on Sunday with my little family.

3. Grocery Store trips with Bleeze. He cracks me up!

4. My metal mouth Eli!

5. Walks with Tommy! I love them!

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