Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sweet Sunday

Today was "sweet" as the kids say! We went to church which the sermon was amazing and so convicting. It really opened my eyes to a lot of sin in my life that helps create sin in others lives. I will elaborate later...LOL!

After church we went to what our boys refer to as our "sunday lunch place" BOJANGLES....LOL! I wouldn't trade those Sundays that we go and eat there for anything! I love watching Bleeze devour (literally) chicken legs. LOL!!!

After lunch we came home for a bit before heading out to the mall. Eli got mostly money this year at his bday party and needless to say it was burning a hole in his pocket. We had fun shopping among all the Christmas shopping that was going on and actually managed to pick up a few things ourselves.

Tonight we went to community group which is always great! We enjoyed a lot of great conversation on what I like to think of as "personal convictions". I love our new community group and I love the transparency that we all feel we can bring and discuss among one another and grow from each other.

Now after watching Tommy clean out his closet for hours I am exhausted..LOL! I am ready to snooze! Good night folks!!!

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