Saturday, December 11, 2010

Party Day...

Today was the big party day for Eli. His birthday is not until Tuesday but today was the day we decided to party! He had a movie themed party and had the party here at the house in the new theater room. As usual this time of year is such a bad time of year to have a birthday party. People are so busy with the holidays as well as a ton of sickness going around. I am very grateful to all our friends and family who were able to come out and celebrate his special day! I did a popcorn/movie reel themed cake and it was a ton of fun. The popcorn cake looked better than the movie reel.(tommy said the movie reel looked like a soccer ball) LOL!!!! The kids had fun watching The Last Airbender and just hanging out. I was very slack with pics from being busy. I did enjoy hanging out with our friends and family and I am grateful for this wonderful time to celebrate my sweet fellow!

After Eli's party the boys headed to their little friend Alec's bday party at the YMCA. They had fun swimming! We ran an errand and then after we picked them up we had an old favorite...El Jalisco! YUMMY!

This evening I finally got to enjoy the theater room. We curled up and watched a movie and just relaxed. Looking forward to church in the morning!

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